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Metastatic Castration Resistant prostate cancer


My father underwent turp in jun'12 RP in sep'12 . Gleason score 4+4 tertiary grade 5. PSA kept rising until 12.4 in Nov'14. Bilateral orchiectomy done in Feb'15. PSA kept rising until 116 in Dec'17. PET CT scan revealed multiple bone mets. Started Abiraterone+Prednisone+LH agonist+Bicultamide in December. Pain increased in January. Took 10 days Palliative Radiation Therapy in Feb'18. March'18 PSA 77 which spiked to 232 in next few days. Started Docataxel chemo. After 3 cycles PSA down to 22. After 6 cycles PSA rise to 42. PSMA scan showed reduction in bone mets but 2 new lessons in the axillary lymph node & retroesophageal lymph node. Currently continuing the Docataxel chemo . Has anyone continued Docataxel more than 6 cycles ? When to switch to Cabazitaxel?

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Can you get Xofigo?

He is having incontinence ever since the RP in 2012. I guess xofigo requires too much precaution with the radioactive secretions from body .

Xofigo does not affect incontinence, to my knowledge. Radium 223 is harmless unless ingested or infused.


When I had Docetaxel the standard regime was 2 lots of 10 treatments. I had 12 months remission before having the second round of treatments which gave me 6 months remission. I then had 65 treatments of cabazataxel which gave me about 15 months remission.

malihaamjed in reply to Izab

How are you now? How did you come with the side effects of Cabazitaxel?

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