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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Blood clots and blood in urine (no radiation)

My husband had a TURP 8/4/17 (in history below) but has not had any other surgery. Had second round of taxotere last week...next one in two weeks. He's had mild blood in urine since two days after first chemo. A few small clots. Onc says to keep an eye on it. He's away for business this week and just called saying he had a little drip of blood when trying to urinate and now cannot get a flow. We suspect a large clot blocking. His flow has been great since TURP. He has a call in to his doc. Has anyone had this without radiation or other surgery? Thank you!


My husband... age 49 *did not have PSA checked until TURP on 8/8/17

Had enlarged prostate since March 2016. March 2016-June 2017 visited ERs and an Urgent care 3x for acute retention.

June 2017 was self catheterizing 3/4x/day. Turp 8/4/2017. Father dx prostate cancer at age 74.

8/8/2017 Biopsy of TURP tissue came back prostate cancer

8/10/2017 bone scan and MRI of pelvic region showed Metastasis on vertebral body (T9), pelvic lymph, and prostate is pushing far into bladder.

8/17/2017 met with urologist- GL 4+5=9. Started Casodex (Bicalutimide)

8/21/2017 met with Prostate Oncologist

8/30/2017 First Lupron shot- stopped Casodex (PSA was probably higher initially but not tested) Chest scan and more came back clear.

PSA 677 ALk Phos: 126 (H) ALT: 69 (H) AST: 42 (H) BUN/Creatinine ratio: 18

9/13/2017 Started Docetaxel (Taxotere)

PSA 483 ALK Phos: 107 ALT: 71 (H) AST: 32 BUN/Creatinine ratio: 18

10/4/2017 2nd Chemo (started losing facial hair- already bald)

PSA 166 ALK Phos: 115 ALT: 110 (H) AST: 72 (H) BUN/Creatinine ratio: 22 (H)

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The TURP will take a while to heal. I got a EuroLift to open my Urethra, but you say your guys was in his bladder. 'That's alotta prostate...' It doesn't make sense that he hasn't had radiation to shrink the tumor, they did a TURP, but didn't remove the prostate. Do I read that right?



They didn't know he had prostate cancer when he had the TURP. His prostate is very large with cancer and us pushing on the bladder. So they are doing lupron and chemo to shrink it all. Radiation was discussed as a later possibility but not now. No cancer is in his bladder.


Hi pakb,

FFS, it's not supposed to work that way. Are you saying he had a TURP done, prior to being diagnosed with prostate cancer? Did he ever have a DRE before surgery? Are you being told that the chemo will shrink the tumor faster than radiation?

Front line treatment today, is ADT and chemo. But if you got a melon in there, either an RP or IMRT would be more likely the way to attack it. I'm not a doctor, and I don't know why others are not giving any input here. But this just doesn't sit right with me. New Years eve will be eight years for me. Be cool.



Lots of stuff didn't go right befor the TURP... needless to say we are not seeing that urologis anymore. Yes- he had the TURP prior to being diagnosed. Needless to say we've learned a lot rather quickly. His father has prostate cancer too- diagnosed at a much later age- around age 73. My husband is 49. They didn't even do blood work before the TURP because he isn't 50 yet. We think he may have had a DRE a year and half ago when he was diagnosed with what the Urologist then said was BPH. I believe they are working to shrink the mestasitis that are in his spine and pelvic lymph nodes then they are talking surgery or radiation (or both down the road) after chemo.


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