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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Husband with advanced PC

Husband Bob diagnosed in 2005, Gleason 7 ( 3 + 4 ) PSA 8.9

RP 11/05 - PSA undectable until 5/08

11/09 - 33 doses Radiation afterwards PSA 2.3 rising to 4.1 by 6/10

6/10 - started on one Zoladex injection - 9/10 PSA undectable

PSA remained undectable until 11/12

12/12 - started on one Zoladex injection - PSA undectable

5/14 PSA 0.21 - decide to wait and watch

9/14 - Backache upon rising for 1 week

11/14 - PSA 2.2

12/14 Bone and CT scans - possible Metastes in Lymph nodes and 5 Lesions on spine

12/14 - Start Cosudex for 28 days plus Lucrin injections for 1 year

PSA remained undectable until 1/17

1/17 PSMA and CT scan - results show one metastasis in Sternum and 8 Nodal mestastes. (Lesions on spine inactive).

2/17 start triple ADT - Lucrin injection (3 monthly) Cosudex 50mg & Avodart 500mg daily.

PSA now remains undectable!

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Burnett1948.Lee70 very similar to my history with almost same starting numbers. I had a RP in 05 and 32 dose of Radiation in 09. My last and first PET scan was about 15 months ago and was clear. My next PSA test is at end of August 17. My last PSA was in Jan17 and was 1.5. My PSA has been doubling at 18 months and is thought to because I am drinking golden milk (turmeric & black pepper) daily. I was told to start hormone treatment when my PSA was .6. After reading your story I wished I had. I will tell you how I get on at the end of August. Best wishes.

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Bob had last PSA on the 26/7, but if we knew way back then what we know now, Bob would have chosen more aggressive treatments. The RP was suppose to have cured it, as all the margins were clear, but obviously microscopic cancer cells had already escaped, so now it has become a chronic disease, but I'm happy to say, Bob is doing very well. Thankfully, no side effects, only hot flashes occasionally. Best wishes, Lee


My husband's oncologist just put him on effexor for the chills and hot flashes. He says he feels better.


That's an amazing story! Thanks for sharing and best wishes for continued success!

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Thanks James, hope all is well with you too,

Best wishes, Lee


Welcome! Glad to hear that your husband's PSA is nondetectable. May it stay that way!


Thank you, hope so too.

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That is great. My husband's is undetectable too after being 1900 when diagnosed.


Great story. I wish you continued success on the journey!


Thank you, so far, so good.


Well done both of you! All in all happy news!

Hope Bob will not be disturbed by PSA hikes any more.

Happy and peaceful journey!



Thank you, we are always hopeful.


Way to go Lee, but i think i'm better looking than you 😊😊😊

j-o-h-n Thursday 08/03/2017 10:23 AM EST


oops BOB

j-o-h-n Thursday 08/03/2017 10:25 AM EST


Thanks John. 😊


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