Genetics tests: Genetics tests-what suggested for G9 mCRPC with low PSA, failed Zytiga

. My husband has a history of always LOW PSA and now metastasized to bone including 3 mos Zytiga failure last fall.

---Also we are specifically looking for genetic testing information--what and where is worthwhile?

Right now, he has heavy fatigue , very little pain, good attitude, but was in excellent health with no medication needed until prostate diagnosis. So we are trying to learn from others what to expect even though this varies .

With appreciation, Anniesea


DOB11/1934 age 82)


11/2011-- 4.0;

1/2012- 3.9;

6/2012 --- 5.3 positive DRE ~

7/2012 ---transrectal bio GS4=5=9 adenocarcinoma in right apex,right mid gland,right base,left base. Left apex &left mid gland negative

7/12 Clinical Diag: stage T2bN0M0 pretreatment

8/12 -Lupron /Casadex 3 mos by Onc

10/12-12/12, IMRT7820cGy RAD

2/2013-2/2015 Lupron ; Vaca to 2/2016; Lupron resume 2/2016. PSA under 1. but creeps/

8/2016 Lupron given & will continue-

9/6/16 Tests : bone met bone scan,2 MRI, RESULTS:-

Spine T6-10; L3 and pelvis,ribs

9/16start abiraterone 4 250mg tablets and prednisone 2 5mg tablets each day

9/2016 18 spot radiation


5/15-- .01







2/16---.67 –restart Lupron









11/16/16 ---.65

12/16/16-- change to Xgeva not Zometa

1/04/17. Bone scan,mri, ct scan show increased bone mets.

1/04/17-- 108

1/19/17 start Xofigo

2/8/17 cont. Lupron, Xgeva and Xofigo

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  • A. What, no chemo (doectaxel or jevtana)

    B. provenge? or a trial with "prostvac" if you can find one? (possibly with a checkpoint inhibitor?)

    C. Plerixafor

  • oh... 108 is 1.08 probably .......

  • For genetic testing, you might consider learning more about the 'Greece Test' which tests your blood for your cancer's potential vulnerability or resistance to various forms of standard chemotherapy as well as natural therapies. I paid for this test shortly after I was diagnosed with G9 (4+5) and relatively low PSA 4.7. It helped to guide me in my treatment choices.

    Some links:


  • One of the more standard genetic blood tests now available is the Guardant360 test. Your Med Onc can order it. For me, it identified an ATM defect in my prostate cancer, so I can now take the oral drug Lynparza.

  • My husband is also 82- PC 5 years - stage 4 Gleason 9. Very similar diagnosis. Just changed the Zitiga/prednisone to zitiga/dexamethasone 2 weeks ago in hopes of bringing down PSA(56) was 75 nov. 4th XOFIGO due feb23. He has had about 6-8 urinary /kidney tract infections since diagnosis in 2012. He seems to be going a little downhill- I have concerns following the XOFIGO. Try to be upbeat & encouraging. But worried

  • Foundation One Gene Mapping--Call 888-988-3639 Any one who answers will be an advocate---You can get 310 Genes mapped, and they will define which genes have mutated---what drugs are being used against the particular mutations, and where all the clinical trials are operating now as to those mutations--cost is zero---Medicare Pays. You print off form, take to Doctor, and he signs it. Let the people at Foundation walk you thru---takes 3 weeks for results.


  • Nal, would one need to be metastatic to qualify for Medicare covering this cost?

  • I am not sure---call and they will answer all questions--they are really good.


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