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Treatment after Taxotere

I have had 4 treatments with Taxotere but my PSA is still going up. MedOnco ordered a CT Scan to look at the tumors in my lymph nodes around my bladder area. After he gets the results we will determine next course of action. I have a very aggressive form of MCRPA and Lupron, Xtandi, Zytiga and now Taxotere have not been effective. Has anyone gone through Jetvana or other chemo drugs other than Taxotere?


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I haven't been through Jevtana chemo so I don't know what it's like, but I've read some things about it. I don't think it's significantly different than Taxotere, but hopefully some here have been through it so could offer more.

One thing I was wondering was whether you've had your cancer tested for genetic mutations such as BRCA1 and BRCA2. That can potentially open up new targeted treatment options for you.


I will definitely talk to my Onc when I meet with him this week. Also, I am not sure if maybe IMRT could work for the lymph node tumors. That is something else I will discuss with him.

Thanks Gregg for the info and response,



This just in from Gusgold:


Hi Lou,

I have been through a lot of what you have and am currently on mitoxantrone/prednisone. I was on cabazitaxil back in Oct. of last year.

I have been consistently focused on the quality of life throughout my treatment since my diagnosis (m-crpc) psa 9, Gleason 10 back in 2013.

This latest chemo has brought my psa from the six hundred something range down to 85 but more importantly my pain has been much improved.

I have two more sessions scheduled on this drug and then what I'm not sure, I'm certainly running out of options.

What I hope for is some lucky break that not only lets me continue to have a decent lifestyle with some longevity thrown in for good measure.

I hope the same for you.


I wanted to ask, were you initially on Taxotere as your first chemo treatment and then switched to cabazitaxil and now on mitoxantrone/prednisone? Did you have a lot of side effects on cabazitaxil?

Thanks for the info and interested in your response.

Best Regards,



Started with hormone therapy and have continued throughout. Did a clinical trial in 2013 and when that failed went on docetaxel in 2014, xtandi in 2015, Radium 223 in 2016, cabazitaxel in Fall of 2016 and now on mitoxantrone/prednisone in 2017.

In between I've had radiation surgery for spot pain relief.

I believe I lost my hair and had to use laxatives to stay regular. Seems I was tired a lot and had some flu like symptoms for the first week after the infusion but it's been so long they are just faint memories now.

Longest any one drug worked was the Xtandi, it worked for almost a year before it stopped working.

Try to keep a positive outlook and enjoy the times you feel "normalish"

Best Regards to you.

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HI GS10, How are you doing now? I am glad to hear Mito is lowering psa and giving you pain relief. You have really been through some treatments , I applaud You! Glad to see you are keeping such a great attitude, I am right behind you Brother on my 8th docetaxol.


Thank you Glsn10 for the information. I learned to take it day by day and moment by moment. I will see what my medOnc says this week.

God Bless,



Hi Dan59,

Today's a good day. Thanks for asking. I feel at this point in my journey I've done as well or better than I thought I would have when I got the original diagnosis.

I have been blessed to get enough time to get my affairs in order and also I've been able to enjoy the time I have been given and at this point I consider every day a "bonus" day.

I must tell you that for this and other pc sites. I read a lot more than I respond to but I always enjoy and respect your particular viewpoints.

Keep up the good work you do.

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THank You GS10, I really like your attitude! I too feel I have been given a lot of bonus days and am happy for all the bonus days I have been given.



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