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Had my last of six Xofigo injections October 10. Had a whole body bone scan November 30, showed mild increased activity to mets in thoracic spine and sternum, improvement in mets in left femur, compared to May scan before starting Xofigo. PSA now .64, testosterone 14. Still getting good pain relief, but slowly increasing from 2 or 3 two months after starting Xofigo to 3 or 4 now, kept tolerable by 220 mg naproxen sodium every 8 hours. Pain level increases to 4 or 5 with increased activity. Haven't been able to play golf since April, causes too much pain in thoracic area. Still managing to play bocce and shuffleboard 5 days a week. Developed an inguinal hernia this past summer, which is limiting activities even more, had to give up exercising and walking. Fatigue and loss of stamina getting worse. Hope this is helpful to some of you about what to expect. Details of prostate cancer treatment since my diagnosis in1999 at age 55 are in my profile.

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  • Thanks for sharing your experiences!! Sorry to hear about your lapse in golf playing. Anything you can do to work on stamina and fatigue will be good as I'm sure you know. Your courage and determination light up the path that I'm walking. Keep sharing we are here for you.


  • Thanks for the update.

  • Chascri-

    My husband completed 5 Xofigo treatments. He had to quit because his blood counts were suffering. He continues to have blood transfusions about once a month due to the damage to his bone marrow. No one has said specifically whether the damage was from the Xofigo or that was just the last straw. The treatments did give him great pain relief during treatment and for about 5 months after stopping. He is now having 15 sessions of Cyberknife radiation on his spine. Otherwise the Xofigo did a fine job of reducing bone mets generally per his bone scan. Have you experienced and bone marrrow suppression since your Xofigo treatment?


  • My blood counts are monitored closely each month and so far while low, at acceptable levels according to my oncologist. No mention of any bone marrow damage so far. In addition to the Xofigo, in the past I have also had external beam radiation of the prostate bed, thoracic vertebrae, a rib and a femur. You might ask his oncologists the most likely cause of his bone marrow damage.

  • Thank you. I will again. Keep fighting.

  • Has anyone experienced numb chin syndrome?


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