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Had my third Xofigo injection this week. Xofigo injections are easy and take only about five minutes once a month for six months. So far, little to no side effects. Blood tests have all looked good. PSA down to 1.15 from a high of 9 a few months ago. Testosterone 15.

About 2 weeks after my second injection, I quickly started to get pain relief from severe cancer pain in my spine, ribs and left femur, which had required 2 mg of hydromorphone every 4 hours to keep the pain tolerable. About 3 weeks ago I was able to go off the hydromorphone entirely. Since, I've been able to keep the pain very tolerable with 220 mg naproxen sodium every 8 hours.

I had been on the hydromorphone for about 3 months. Tapering off the hydromorphone by slowly increasing the time between 2 mg doses by two hours per day until I was on one 2 mg dose per day worked pretty well. (I started the naproxen for any cancer pain between doses during this time). When I went off the last 2 mg dose I experienced unpleasant withdrawal symptoms (chills, sweats, stomach pain, restless arms and upper body, and sleeplessness) for 4 or 5 days. While I was on the hydromorphone it tore my stomach up pretty good. (Severe stomach pain for which I had to take a another prescription medication). Since I have gone off the hydromorphone, stomach pain has gone, I feel much better and have started to do some light exercise again.

I resumed Xgeva injections about 2 weeks ago. No noticeable side effects yet.

I hope my experience on Xofigo so far is helpful to anyone contemplating starting it. So far, it seems a good choice for severe cancer pain from multiple bone metastasis.

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  • chascri, I just got off the phone with a friend in Florida who just finished his 6th injection of the radium 223[Xofigo]. He had a PSA of 4 after 5th injection--next PSA next week---Had bad bone mets. in ribs. He is also on Xtandi at the same time. He is 12 years out, from initial diagnosis, and surgery. But the suckers came back with a vengeance. They woke up after 10 years and found their way to his ribs. So we continue to expand the survival rate. As for me I have Ductal Cribriform, one of the rarest forms of prostate cancer, and only 6 months out. Went from PSA of 20--failed surgery, could not have radiation as after surgery PSA was 7.40, could not do chemo. So with a program of ADT, and my kitchen sink Natural Homeopath protocol---PSA is now 0.03--my doc. calls it undetectable. But we plan an every 30 Day PSA surveillance. If the cancer cells awake---we want to catch them when they do to attack with other protocols. Not wanting to get to bone mets. ever. Best wishes to you. Prayers also.


  • Thanks good luck to you too. Xtandi or Zytiga is probably next up if and when PSA starts to rise and scans show new mets. Now 17 years out from prostatectomy. See my profile for all cancer treatments to date.

  • 17 years is a long time to be out from surgery and still Kicking. Really good for you--if I get 17 years that would get me to 90.



  • If my hubbys blood levels are good he will be getting xofigo on Tuesday ....when do you feel relief.from pain after the injection. He is on fentanyl 125 mcg and oxycodone 10 mg every 4 hours ..we forgot to ask what happens at the end of the 6 month course ...he will continue on Xgeva and lupron along with procrit as needed...his hgb was low from past chemo and received 2 units of blood yesterday to build up his hgb ...any response would be great ...

  • My Nuclear medicine doctor who gives me the Xofigo injections says most patients seem to start getting pain relief about 2 weeks to 2 months after starting the injections. My understanding is the Xofigo is supposed to kill existing bone mets during the 6 months of treatment. Each injection only has a half life of 11 days so it probably has little effect on new mets that develop after the six months of treatment.

  • My husband had his 1 st injection of xofigo today ..his hemoglobin reached 11.5 after 3 units of blood and an increase in his procrit ...anxious to see how well it works to help his unbearable pain ....positive thoughts ...

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