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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Xofigo, Xgeva

Has my second Xofigo injection yesterday. The injection itself is a piece of cake. Only noticeable side effects have been decreased appetite and fatigue. Although, the increased fatigue may be due to the 2mg of hydromorphone every 4 hours for cancer pain I have been taking for the last couple of months. Still taking lots of naps and suffering from drowsiness and lack of energy. Stomach pain believed caused by the hydromorphone is still controlled by the prochloromazine and decreased portions on eating and watching what I eat. I have discovered eating a prepackaged cheese snack like baby bels or sticks or slices after each dose of hydromorphone helps too. Blood tests have remained pretty much normal, PSA 1.07 and Testosterone 12

Can't play golf or shuffleboard because of the spinal cancer pain. Activity pretty limited to Bocce 4 time a week. Last week I started feeling a little better overall so i have started light resistance exercises with a stretch band and walking on alternating days to try to get my stamina back up.

Expect to resume Xgeva shots next month at the urging of my oncologist since my last scans showed the first evidence of mild vertabral compression.

Hope this is helpful for those of you looking at going on Xofigo.

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Thank you for this very timely post. I have been on Zytiga for 14 months. My oncologist and I are suspecting that it may be losing its efficacy as my numbers are beginning to rise. I am also currently on Xgeva. The pain in my pelvic area (location of my mets) is increasing, limiting my ability to walk very much before pain/fatigue set in. I occasionally use a cane for support, but that's because my balance is less than it used to be. My onc and I discussed Xofigo as a potential next approached to my staged therapy approach to dealing with this damn thing. I appreciate your reporting on your experience with Xofigo sofar. Real time info, rather than reading about "possible side effects" is so much more helpful. Be well, my friend.


Hopes that you continue to progress and feel better each day. Xgeva had done wonders for my husband Elgie's bones. He's been on it for over 3 years. Cancer in 5 places in the bones but doctors say a miraculous healing in the bones. Hope it works so well for you also.

Best regards,


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Have done Xgeva for two months which has really helped the back pain. Three vertebral compression fx from L1-3 and 'innumerable' tumors to pelvis, bilateral hips and spine, according to recent MRI. Starting Xofigo next week. Will post side effects and pain relief then. Using minimal narcotics at the moment. Might be because started Zytiga/prednisone last week, plus Xgeva.

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I am glad to hear that you are beginning to get some pain relief with the Xofigo. Pain relief is not a list (on label) side effect of Xofigo many men have reported relief. I hope that it continues.


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