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Had my 6th and last Xofigo (radium 223) infusion yesterday, PSA .66. Recap, minimal side effects through all 6 injections. Great pain relief by 2 weeks after 2nd injection allowing me to go off Hydromorphone 2mg every 4 hours. Pain now managed well with naproxen sodium 220 mg every 8 hours, keeps pain tolerable at 2-3 level. Oncologist says reasonable to expect pain relief to continue for another 6-9 months depending on aggressiveness of cancer and development of new metastasis. Hope this is helpful to anyone considering Xofigo.

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  • Thank you so much! My husband starts Xofigo tomorrow.

  • My uro wanted me to start Xofigo recently. When I saw my Radiologist, he said my hemoglobin was to low to start it. It should be at least ten, and mine was at seven. When I saw my Oncologist, it was a different story. I explained that I had no pain to both doctors. The uro doc said to start it to get a head start on attacking the bone disease. The onc doc says no, and wants me start Xgeva to help my bone density. I did read recently that more docs are prescribing Xofigo to attack the disease, not necessarily the pain. Whats a guy to do?


  • Xofigo is systemic and does affect metastasis anywhere in the bone. The pain relief is a good side effect of killing or shrinking existing bone metastasis. It is generally used for multiple metastasis to bone. Often identified by scan and whether or not it is causing pain. See Xofigo.com for more detailed information. Blood levels are important.

  • According to the FDA label, Xofigo is not for pain relief, however most men who do have pain do get relief.


  • This was what I thought. When my Radiologist and I looked at my images, he was guessing at what may, or may not be, mets. One Uro told me that the cancer killing mechanism was just a side effect of the Xofigo. When I saw my Onc, I told him about my displeasure of receiving, and dealing with the side effects, he agreed. Now he's got me starting Xgeva for bone health. It's a tough world we're in. I consider myself lucky. When I was diagnosed, it was aggressive, now, not so much. I've had more issues arising from the radiation, that I had six years ago, than anything else. I always said, "if it wasn't for the side effects, I wouldn't know I had Pca."

    Peace, Joe

  • There is a current clinical trial evaluating a second round of Xofigo. Currently, it is only approved for one round, but hopefully if you have the need again in 6 to 9 months you might be able to get it again.


  • Thanks, that would be good news. My medical oncologist says I have done so well on it he might be able to get the drug company to pay for second round.

  • What kind of pain were you experiencing that was resolved with this drug treatment? I have soft tissue and bone pain. Right now only the soft tissue tumour, size of a softball behind bladder gives me grief all day until I take my Hydromorphone break through pills. I take 4 2mg pills at a time. Will the RS 233 help with soft tissue tumors or not?

  • I only have bone metastasis. No soft tissue metastasis to date. Xofigo (Radium 223) is only used to treat multiple bone metastasis to the best of my knowledge.

  • chascri, what was your PSA BEFORE you had Xofigo?

  • 1.1

  • thanks

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