Advanced Prostate Cancer

Has anyone tried these herbal supplements? Zyflamend Pomegranate GeniKinoka


With a gleason score of 3+4=7 I had a prostatectomy in 2011. I had radiation in 2013, now my psa is on the rise, now at 0 .9, it seems I am headed for ADT. "Hormone blocking"

I am trying to slow the PSA rise with supplements.

Does anyone have experience with supplements? Please share your experience and resources :)

I am using three herbal supplements:


I went to an integrated Dr at Sloan Kettering, she recommended.

Zyflamend. It has herb extracts.

This is the ingredients break down from the Sloan Kettering's About Herbs (a good evidence based resource) site site:

"Zyflamend is an herbal supplement consisting of Holy basil, turmeric, ginger, green tea, rosemary, hu zhang, Chinese goldthread, barberry, oregano, and skullcap. Promoters of Zyflamend claim that it has anti-inflammatory and antiaging effects. In a few in lab studies, it has been shown to reduce inflammation and levels of certain enzymes that produce estrogen. It can also cause cell death. Results from a small study indicate it may help lower prostate specific antigen (PSA), a marker of prostate cancer. More research is needed."

120 soft gels 500mg about $69.00 less 20% at Natural Green Market in NYC, also on line. Shop around get the best price. Three pills daily. one morning, one noon, one evening.

Side effects: some back taste, maybe causes gas.(?)


Also recommended at Sloan Kettering.


"Pomegranate is a small fruit-bearing tree native to Asia. Juice from the seed pulp contains compounds known as polyphenols that may contribute to its activity. A few studies suggest pomegranate juice can benefit patients with heart disease and can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It was shown in laboratory studies to prevent growth of cancer cells. In a human study, intake of pomegranate juice was found to have some benefit in patients with prostate cancer, but more clinical trials are needed to confirm such effects."

$24.99 425mg Two for one at Westerly Health Food 8th av. NYC

3 pills daily

Side effects: none.



"Genistein Combined Polysaccharide (GCP) is composed of genistein, a soy isoflavone, and polysaccharides derived from Basidiomycetes mushrooms. Although GCP itself has not been studied in the laboratory, genistein and Basidiomycetes mushrooms have, with the following results.

Genistein has been studied extensively in laboratory experiments. These generally show that genistein, when directly applied to several types of cancer cells (including estrogen receptor (ER+) and (ER-) breast cancer, prostate cancer, neuroblastoma and sarcoma), inhibits their growth and replication. Genistein 1) competes with the body’s own estrogen and 2) inhibits the ability of a growth factor called EGF to stimulate its receptor and cause downstream cellular effects. Estrogen and EGF can enhance the growth of certain tumors (such as ER+ breast cancer), so scientists think that genistein might act against them to slow tumor growth. This theory has not been confirmed in humans through clinical studies, however."

Dr. Aaron Katz, Professor of Urology, Columbia Presbyterian has some strong claims about GSP GiniKinoko.


"For my patients who do not wish radiation and/or surgery we studied GCP in the laboratory to find out its mechanism of action. In our studies here (Columbia Presbyterian) we found it to have dramatic effect on controlling and killing prostate cancer cells…even aggressive prostate cancer cells. As no side effects were noted, the disease was controlled and cancer cells stopped from growing while maintaining the patient's quality of life, making GCP a very valuable alternative/holistic treatment whether used alone or with conventional treatments."

60 tabs 500ml. $101 dose 4 pills daily

Side effects: none.

Has anyone tried these herbal supplements?

Or other herby supplements?



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I too have had a slowly rising PSA (currently 0.47) since my radical prostatectomy in 2012. I took pomegranate extract supplement for probably 1.5 years, but stopped in April of this year. The group of medical oncologists that I see, Prostate Oncology Specialists, no longer recommends it. Apparently, the most recent studies/trials have not supported the earlier findings. I recall early studies done by UCLA as well as one in the UK. My recent PSADT seems close to my past one after being off the Pomi-T supplement. The relationship of supplements/nutrition to PCa is confusing at best. You just have to make the best personal decision based on the evidence out there. I suspect that what works for one individual, may not work for others.

Just FYI, I do take curcumin, statin, aspirin and metformin (though I am not diabetic.) I have no idea if these are really slowing my PSA, but I see little downside. Best wishes in slowing your PSA progression and staying off hormone therapy.

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I know a LOT about this and have mostly cured myself from advanced stage 4 PSa. I wrote a long note and accidently touched the wrong key and lost it all. call me 530 925 6620. Craig.

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Zyflamend is an anti-inflammatory just like aspirin and as such is beneficial for PCa patients.

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I use the new Pectasol-C[Modified Citrus Pectin] now in Phase 2 Trial in Israel and Phase 3 Trial in the USA. I also use Glutathione, along with Vitamin D3, K1-2, Lycopene, and the Herb Pygeum. Added to this I use Serrapeptase, and Nattokinase. The reasons as follows: K1, when in contact with cancer cells causes ocosis[Type of cell death]. The K2 is important for bone health if on AHD drugs. Pectasol-C causes Apostasis[cell death] of cancer cells. Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants, and it attaches itself to free radicals of which prostate cancer cells would be considered. Some trials with Glutathione have shown interesting results. Vitamin D3 in now in phase 2 clinical trial at MD Anderson. And at high does it is shown to halt the progression of metastasis, so far. The Pygeum is used in Germany and France by Doctors that practice natural healing. And lastly the serrapeptase and nattokinase are noted enzymes first used in Japan in the early 1990's for another purpose, but today found that they attack, or actually eat up the outer coating of cancer cells, which are of a fibrous nature, exposing them to your body's normal T cells, which then try to kill the cancer. Its like stripping them of their armor. This is a Kitchen Sink approach. But I failed Radical surgery--60 days after my PSA was 7.40 and not a candidate for radiation or chemo. My program along with the Hormone deprivation drugs--In 30 days my PSA fell to .75 to then .41 to .11 to .03[or considered undetectable. My pathology was as bas as could be obtained, having a very aggressive ductal cribriform--of which only 0.4% of men that get prostate cancer get. So we all do not know what is working. But I plan to stay the course.


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Hi Nalakrats,

I had to stop the Zyflamend, it seemed to be giving me diarrhea. I was taking three tabs a day. I may go back on at one tab per day after a break.

I been taking 2 grams of GCP GeniKinoko a day for about a month. Also I'm going to add AHCC at 2 grams per day. This come out to about $360 per month. I know many meds are much more. Both supplements are from Pulse Nutritional. Getting a PSA test next Monday. Then at the end of the week my lady and I are going to Greece for two weeks.

Anyway I'll let you know how it goes with the meds.



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