Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Bob's Journey

Bob's Journey

I was diagnosed in 2004 with Gleason 9 cancer throughout the prostate gland and a met in my right hip. Twelve years later I've had nearly all the available treatments - ADT, Leukine, Thalidomide, Curcumin, Provenge, Zytiga, Xtandi, Taxotere chemo, Xofigo and more chemo. I'm still here though very much weakened by the T deprivation. My QoL is pretty good, thanks to my wonderful wife.

Next may be Jevtana or Olaparib.

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Thank you for taking time to post your PCa story. My dad was diagnosed last year and he has bone mets. I find these positive stories so inspiring and give me hope for the future. Thank you. May you continue to enjoy life for years to come, it seems that new treatments are always round the corner.

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Thanks to you, Qwerty12345! If your dad would like the details, please find it in my PCa blog: Bob



Thanks for joining us and thanks for sharing your spirit.  Also, thanks to the many great care givers who really do make a difference in our life.



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