Advanced Prostate Cancer

What do you think this guy should do?

67 year old diagnosed in May 2002 with advanced prostate cancer - PSA 64. Cancer spread to one spot on his pelvis, and annual bone scans showed no other areas of involvement. After 3 years on hormone blockade, he was treated in 2005 with Tomotherapy (proton beam radiation), and was taken off all drugs. For one year, his PSA was less than 2.

In 2006, he developed Acute Promyelitic Leukemia. During APL treatment, his immune system was wiped out; several months later, prostate cancer flared up. He went back on hormone blockade which kept PSA low for a couple of years, but then it went up to 276 and oncologist started him on Taxotere in Feb. 2009. PSA has dropped to 14, and Alk Phos is back in the normal range (was 2,645 - now 85).

Protocol for Taxotere is one chemo dose every three weeks. This was hurting him, so he is now trying one chemo every six weeks. Gotta have a life while going thru treatment, right? In addition, after meeting with nutritionist, he now eats lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish, some venison, and some red wine. No sugar!


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