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Completed 2 rounds of chemo 8 to go. I can do this


Hi my name is Roy. I have been fighting this cancer for 12 years now. The last 5 going on 6 years I have been in stage 4. My Gleason score was 7. I have tumors on my right and left femur. My hips and several places on my ribs next to my spine. It's even on my skull and one lymph node. In the last 5 years I have had radiation, immuno, hormone back to radiation then change the hormone treatment. Each of those treatments kept the cancer in check with a PSA around 10 to 12 months. When it went up the this last time me tried zytiga and xtandi. Both fail as my PSA was rapidly climbing.

Well I was put on chemo (taxotere). My first round was terrible. I was as sick as you can get and experienced every side effect and more. It put me down hard for about 2 weeks but I got better. Then came round 2. This time it was a breeze. Slight fever and diareha were about the worst. I had a dry nose and a few nose bleeds but food this time tasted ok not great but ok.

My doctor said treatments would get easier and so far he was right. My PSA stopped climbing and everything looks promising. Still do hormone therapy also. One treatment every 3 weeks until February 2018. I'm looking forward to then. Hope to get back to the gym and start traveling again.

Through it all, all these years was was able to keep working until 2 years ago. Now I enjoy life as it comes. Sure it's tough but I always look for the good. My faith keeps me going even on the bad days. I have survived this 12 years now and plan for many more years, God willing. I am blessed.

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What an amazing and inspiring story for all of us! Thank you for sharing! You give me tremendous hope!

Please keep us posted on your progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for continued success fighting PCa!

PS - The only 'tip' I have is to use Ayr Saline Nasal gel for the dry nose. Works like a charm...

Roy , Yours is an amazing story, You are an ispiration! I am glad the chemo was able to reign it in. I am 11yrs 3 months out as stage 4 at diagnosis Gleason 10 , BPSA 148 , I have been through the same hormone treatments and am now going for 11th round of chemo on Tuesday, then 4 days later I am going to Alaska ,to visit old friends. Keep the Faith, and May bless you.


Roy, "Can do" should be your motto as well as ours at all times. You are coming to us with a 12 year battle success as a sheer inspiration and also with a very positive attitude. Congratulations!

Treatment- wise, you are into chemohormonal which is very likely to give you a long lease of life and hope you should be able to cope with the side effects of chemo therapy as you go along with the remaining cycles. Think of using ice pads to cover the feet, fingers of the hands, if required one on the head and also suck on ice cubes during the time of receiving chemo. This will help you to prevent pheripheral neuropathy ( hands and feet ), hair loss and mouth sores. Keep a close eye on the blood counts and I hope you are familiar with the implications.

Wish you the best and good luck with your ongoing treatments.


Roy, I finished my 6th and final chemo on July 13th of this year. As I went further with the chemo, it was much tolerable. I hope the same outcome for you. Please keep us posted of your progress.


What up NIC, the one thing I do know as FACTS, is that our tolerance is controlled by our PSYCHE, the body responds to chemicals in specific ways, however what we internalize in our thought process has just as much to do with recovery, tolerance remission and success over the Dis Ease. Doctors will tell you with honesty that illness is 90% psychological 10% physical, and they are right, but we are not conditioned or taught to believe that. Check out infor on Chakras Chi and Breathing techniques in conjunction with your diet and exercise, ya dont have to follow buddah or jesus or anything to access this life changing energy, just sayin. Check it out the only thing it cost you is TIME, which is the most precious of commodities. Love Laugh Holla back BRO.

"Illness is 90% psychological and 10% physical". That's a new one for me. I gotta check this out asap.


I was having a disappointing week until I read your message. I hope you hang on to that upbeat attitude! I'll remember your words when I head to my medical oncologist later today.


This is great news to hear. You are living proof! Thank you for sharing & uplifting my /our day. I wish you nothing but continued positive thoughts,, one step at a time.

Going into my 9th round of chemo next week, this was the best message to read, very encouraging.

I have always tried to stay positive and find the good in the road I'm on. When I started hormone therphy I would joke about wanting to go shoe shopping and how I now sit and watch chicks flicks with my wife and I was the one doing the crying.

Now that I'm doing chemo I still feel the same. Before chemo started we had some fun. I asked my family and friends what colors they wanted me to dye my hair. So I went to blonde to red to grey to purple. Even put some spikes in it. After the first round my hair was falling out in clumps here and there. It really looked funny so I shaved it all off for a new look. I was surprised that many including me liked it.

Stuff like this with my faith in God keeps me going. On days that it is just to much, I try to simply turn it over to God and let him carry me through. Some days it's just best not to think about. Get out and enjoy life. Go have an adventure or just simply visit family and friends. Have a bbq. Remember life is ment to be enjoyed not endured.

The best statement you made, IS YOU BELIEVE. doesnt matter if you believe in a carrot, the MIND is so powerful that you can remedy yourself of most anything, including these rouge mutant cells. Did you know that you could control the flow of blood, oxygen intake, serotonin uptake and purge of toxins from your body with breathing techniques and meditation? Better known as CHI? Thats real brother im here to tell ya. Again ThE MIND IS the most powerful entity in this reality. Love ya dude stay up and keep communicatin.

Hi Roy,aim sure all the brothers on this Cancer forum which you well and while your body and mind are still strong Hit the dreaded Cancer hard?and stay with that positive thinking mate,yr a inspiration to all of us on this forum,I think positive thinking and brotherly support on this forum?your not on yr own,we all pray for yr journey to be successful and promising outcome..regards Nuray 🤞

good tude dude

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