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So, I'm new to this.


I am not diagnosed. I have been living with many symptoms for as long back as I can remember. Until I recently discovered a community of people who live the things I do and even better can out those feelings and thoughts into words that I didn't know others experiences. I WANT to reach out and talk to my Dr. about a screening and possibly diagnosis. I'm on the fence but the reason I'm here I that I really want some experiences, opinions, anything you've got helps. Does getting diagnosis and treatment help? What does in change in your day to day life? Does that bursts of motivation that lead nowhere get better? Has it improved your life? I so desperately want to improve myself and my life. I think starting with this may help. Additionally,I'm scared to seem.... stupid? wrong? I'm not sure the word but I don't know how to tell a Dr. that after 21 years I think maybe this is something Ive been living with? Like, I always have known I was...hyper, distracted, etc. but some things I never realized until recently are more symptoms things I always thought were personality...Losing track of time, never being able to keep something in my habds or not lose it in plain sight. Becoming intensely interested in things all the time that I never ever finish or follow through. I need advice, tips,etc. Please

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I’ve been taking vyvance for two days and my anxiety and depression seem to have disappeared. I’ve felt motivated to complete the boring things that I’ve put aside.

What dose are you taking? I started off at 20 mg, then 30 a few months ago, then 40 just a month ago and now about to start on 50mg... The focus, attention, and ability to get things done has been remarkable since day one, however it has not changed my hyperactivity. That is why my dose has been changed a few times.

You are not alone!

I'm a middle-aged professional and just diagnosed in last 2019. I had come to my wits end and living like prisoner in my own mind. I had been seeing a therapist since 2017 and in 2019, he recommended I see a psychiatrist becuase I was complaining about my inability to keep up with work, getting distracted, etc... I was also still dealing with grief (parent passed a way). The Psychiatrist I saw was amazing - a kind man and a wonderful listener - and he was able to tell within minutes that I had ADHD. He was able to put into words what I have been struggling with for so long. He said I had really great coping skills - tools I used to manage my time and stay organized - so that's why I probably didn't think I needed help. And now that my stress has "out-managed" me and I can't keep up (affecting job performance, personal relationships) I could no longer ignore the impact and I had to act. I was prescribed Adderall to begin with and I didn't like how I felt (agitated all the time). So I started with a low dose of Vyvanse. I noticed improvement right away with focus and ability to get more done. I felt like had superpowers and was in a good mood. But as the months rolled by, I noticed my hyperactivity was still an issue. I was getting feedback from my husband and my co-workders that I was still very talkative and "all over the place". I have not increased my dose twice in a month and hoping this 50mg of Vyvanse is what I need to curb the hyperactivity. We shall see.

But I encourage you to speak with a trusted professional. My "personality" is something I have always beat myself up for not realizing I needed to get to the root of my behaviours and explore my past which is what created the personality I developed. I was encouraged by my therapist to look into and take the Enneagram assessment. This has been a gamechanger in my life and I recommend going to the Enneagram Instritute to read about it's history.

When I took the test it was like someone ready by diary! I am an Enneagram 2 and apparently the behaviours as an adult are as a result of my childhood. Its a defense mechanism. I've been exploring, reading, praying, talking, crying - so many things - and there is a light at the end of the tunnel...I promise you.

Love yourself enough to put yourself first. You are worth it. The investment in your well-being is worth it.

All my best to you and the start in your journey to wellness.

I really appreciate you sharing your experience with me. If I may ask, as therapy for other....things is something I'm also considering. Has the therapy helped you then to sort of dig into your past and discover/accept things that contribute to who you are now?

Also, I feel that way too. Part of why I feel almost stupid to reach out is because I have developed certain exact methods to doing things so I can best keep up with daily work /life. So, hearing you say it brings me some comfort as well. For the first time I'm hearing it put into words and I'm a little mind blown at how not alone I am. Additionally I want to say I'm really happy you found/are working on a path that best works for treatment for you. I really hope you can soon find the right balance for you. Thank you again for sharing with me I truly means a lot.

Therapy has been super helpful! You get to talk with someone who’s able to be objective but also provide tips to overcome whatever you’re going through. Cognitive Behavioral is helpful!

Welcome to the Tribe! By all means, get a diagnosis, and learn everything you can about ADHD treatment, strategies, challenges and abilities (yes, everyone with ADHD has special abilities, but they don't tell you that in school.) Work with a therapist, work with an ADHD Coach, work with a Doctor, and most importantly, get hooked up in the community. and are two great places to do that.

The bad news - medicine helps most people some of the time, but you may never 'get over' some of the ADHD challenges. They can creep up on you when you're tired or low in energy. The good news is if you have ADHD you have a name for what's going on, and a group of people who have experienced what you are experiencing. That means other people have figured out strategies for themselves or with the help of others. That means you can too! And as you align your strengths with who how you want to show up in the world, and you get clarity on your path, ADHD becomes less of a problem and more of an asset. If you would like to see what ADHD Coaching is about I would be happy to give you a no-cost Introductory Coaching session. Reach out if you're interested!

Most importantly, welcome to your Tribe! Will

Thank you so much , I would definitely be interested in a coaching session. Would a diagnosis be needed first?

Nope. Just awareness of adhd like issues. Looking forward to talking with you!

YES, diagnosis will provide a context for before beginning your new life. “New Life” is my quick name for “After Diagnosis.” I speak this way because my experience after diagnosis mimicked grieving the lose of what could have been.

Diagnosis will provide a time line with a before and an after. You we begin to observe your behaviors, and their impacts. You might, as I did, lament on what could have been. If you have young children, or they are grown and moved away, you might apologize, or not, we all have our own path to follow.



I'm really hoping that a diagnosis can help me to lead the life I know I can

Hi ReachingForward2,

This post is a bit old but real good tips. I'm trying them even tho changes take time.

'This is how you treat ADHD based off science. Dr Russell Barkley part of 2012 Burnett Lecture'

Ill check it out! Thankyou !

WOW. Just wow...That video was idk it made sense to me. It was clarifying and like holy sh** things are honestly starting to make so much sense. When he points out making things physical. I am ALWAYS making lists and notes and setting reminders for myself. And the time? Making time external I'm always having to check the clock if I don't I cant accurately keep up with time.

Yes, yes, yes. Search out help! There is a TON of help out there. I agree and being great resources. I have yet to have an ADHD question that didn't have some useful info for.

For me, just getting the diagnosis and realizing there was a REASON why, despite knowing I was smart enough, that life seemed so difficult. From getting along with others and maintaining friendships, to inconsistent motivation in all parts of my life. I was 59! before I my wife saw a basic question survey that she suggested I take. That led to seeking a diagnosis, which led to medication...which has helped in a lot of ways. I still definitely have ADHD, but it is such a huge relief to have some explanation for so many things. Why hav eI always been so sensitive to rejection, why do I have so much trouble accepting any criticism, why do I get so defensive so frequently. And the hyperfocus..."you can concentrate and remember things when you WANT TO"... Well, no I can't. My brain doesn't work that way. I forget really important things that I want to remember. I remember trivial history dates from HS and college not because I WANTED TO, but because my ADHD brain said "oh, that's really interesting, let's store that away for future reference". Birthdays, picking up kids, remembering to vacuum, or wash the dog, or...

Oh yeah, ADHD rambling, boring people to death regarding my "addiction of the moment" as my spouse calls it. Anyway, LOTS of help<LOTS of reasons to expect things to improve. If it is indeed ADHD, it won't go away, but life is a HELL of a lot easier understanding things. Meds or therapy or coaching are all viable options. Different things help different people.

I come back to this forum purely to see if can offer 2 cents worth of advice for someone. I felt so screwed up for so long, that finally getting help meant an entirely new outlook on life. A little looking back and thinking "if only" but I try to stay away from that until someone invents a time machine.

Hang in there!

Thank you so much! It seems that everyone really is so supportive and honestly its motivational! Now, to remember and get the guts to call my DR.

As the NiKe commercial says...Just Do It! As a (slightly confused) friend of mine once said about doing something "it's a piece of cheese"..."I mean cake".

SO make the call, and get back on here to brag to us!

Hi , definitely find help. You need to be sure the the physician is interested in ADHD and keeps up with developments. I was diagnosed in my 50 and believe me it was hell before that. You will be amazed with the proper diagnoses and medication how you will feel and what you will be able to accomplish.

Google Dr.Dodson , you may even be able to do tele med consult .


Just wanted to update,I've made the appointment with my Dr. to talk about getting screened for ADHD.

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