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We're in this together...so no giving up, please!!

This is my first post and it's taken way longer than it should have to get here. My ADD has taken control of my life for entirely too long; but lately, it's been a whole new ball game, and damn does it feel good!

Over the last few months, I've been trying different techniques to improve my memory and focus, and so far, I'm seeing improvement. This honestly all started with me ending up in the hospital due to death like pain in my lower abdomen for 2 nights in a row. I linked it to my high sugar intake(especially before going to bed). I'm learning to listen to my body and treat it like the temple it is!

So, my first goal was to reduce my daily sugar intake, which was much harder than I imagined. It has gotten easier and I feel a lot better without the added headaches and fatigue. The headaches would add to my already fogged brain and really make me not wanna deal with anything(or anyone) important because I just wanted to be alone. Feeling fatigued usually came with the sugar crash. I've also been working on my balance, which apparently has a WHOLE lot to do with one who has memory problems. I ran across an article about how you can make a homemade balance board(just Google 'indo board) and for just 10 minutes a day of keeping your balance on it can help improve your focus and memory. It was really hard at first, but progress began to show after a week or so and I kept getting better. There are lots of things you can do while balancing(once you can keep your balance) like reading something, watching something,(something else that requires your mind to think about) etc...

I've also taught myself to be ambidextrous(being able to write with your right AND left hand). I began writing the same sentence 10x with my left hand each day. I started with the alphabet(some days I would do upper case, other days lower case). My left hand is still sloppy, compared to my dominant right hand, but it's gotten so much better! Learning something new is actually helping to create these neuro pathways in the brain and it's pretty fascinating! Here's a website link that helped me understand more clearly. themindunleashed.com/2014/0...

It's funny because, even a year ago, I couldn't have imaged being where I am now (mentally) if it weren't for others sharing their stories, struggles, and solutions. I've come a long way, but I still have a long ways to go and I honestly don't plan on stopping until I can be the best kind of ME that I know I can be. I believe that Karma (the good AND bad kind) is very real, which is why I've been doing the right thing whenever possible. I know that my good deeds (no matter how small or big they may be) will some how help make someone else's life easier, and that right there makes it more than worth it. Being a selfless human being any time I see an opportunity (even when I don't think it will matter) produce the most powerful positive results I've ever seen. =)

Anyways, I know I'm a smart guy, and even though there have been LOTS of obstacles in my way, I feel like they've only made me stronger. Seriously. I find that even though it takes me longer to catch on to things, that others seem to fly right past me on, I do a better job in the long run because I'm thorough, and it's gotta be done RIGHT, not just fast. I WILL get fast, but only once I learn how to do it the way I know it should be done. Most people don't seem to get that, but it makes sense to me. Hard work now pays off later. I'm a firm believe in that. I'm not done with this topic, but my body is wanting to move around and do something, because I'm starting to feel very restless. 🙄 I love you guys, and please know that there is hope and never give up. Please...

We're in this together!!!❤️

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first, to your determined spirit expressed here i stand by your side, my friend. For myself when i was searching for how to place this struggle that seamed to be crippling my oppertunities and suffocating my potential to an unbearable level i said this tomyself:

"Indeed this is a serious situation facing me and many others -challenging our lives in a way that we have no choice but to overcome with the determination of this challenge becoming a trainning ground, instead of a battle ground. To accheive this transition is the difference between gaining real self growth and positive charater molding; vs becoming the toughened burden carrier for my own hardships.

Surly by walking with wisdom, and self-awareness, while being lead by the All Mighty this is Possible for us to find freedom with ADHD."

So great to hear you also have succeeded in this transition and making great strives.

Second, your references to improving balance and new neropathways i will look into. There is so much info out their it feels like a catch 22 right with my ADHD - the hyperfocus is gone and the open website tabs are now plus 25 and growing for over a week. Mybe in can succeed reading them while literally balancing - since figurativly thats what it feels like i must do antway.

Best to you my friend, it was good to read your post.


Thank you.

I really love how you're picturing all of this as a "training ground, instead of a battle field". What an awesome perspective! Your words are inspiring.

And yeah haha you're so right about 'so much info'. It's so intriguing to me, though, since I find myself getting lost in other people's stories and I also end up having so many open tabs, since almost every person brings up a different topic that I HAVE TO LOOK UP RIGHT NOW or else I'll forget. Lol

But keep up the good work, and stay positive! It's a great look on anyone. 🤗


Good for you! ADD can certainly consume you and it's great that you have found something that is working for you. I had forgot about the balance board. I remember reading about that when my son was in school and had just been diagnosed. Did you make your own?

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Yes and it's the best thing I couldve ever done! It was cheap too. Around $30-$40 for all materials from Lowe's and it only took me a few hours to throw it together. The 'legit' indo boards are hundreds of dollars and I wasn't going that route unless it was ABSOLUTELY necessary.


It takes me longer to learn something but when I do it’s great and I too noticed at work once I got my job down I’m better working


Exactly I love the feeling. and the best part is that now I LIKE learning new things because my memory is improving; slowly but surely 😁 Also, have you heard of Mind Mapping? I recently found out about it on here and tried it. It's an awesome concept that actually works for remembering stuff!


How do I learn more?


Here's a couple videos I liked



*writes down mind mapping to look up after I'm finished reading this post.

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Haha I doubt you'll be disappointed! I wasn't! 🤗


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