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Yesterday I had to put my dog down

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This is my dog Hooch, I love him so much and he loved so much. His thing was to always keep an eye on me to make sure I was safe, he was my protector. Yesterday he couldn’t walk anymore, he was showing signs of decline over the last month. He’s such a sting tuff boy. I had to put him to sleep yesterday. I know it was the right thing to do it just was so sudden and I’m really hurting. I loved him so much

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I’m so sorry for your loss. Hooch sounds like a great dog and the two of you made a great team. It also sounds like he was a great support to you. It must have been very difficult to make the decision to put him down. It sounds like you did everything you could for him. I’m sure he felt your love till his last moment. It’s no wonder you are struggling. Glad you are reaching out instead of bottling it all in. Be kind and compassionate to yourself. It will take time to heal.

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Thank you, it’s very kind of you to message me. He was very much my support and we did make a great team. Saying goodbye hurts me so much. But I feel good knowing we shared a great life together

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And you gave him a warm home with unconditional live for him. I’m sure he was a very happy and grateful boy.

I'm truly so very sorry that you had to say goodbye to Hooch. I know that pain all too well. When I lost my baby girl Spice 3yrs ago, I was in more pain than when I lost a lot of my human family. Luckily about 8 months before she passed, I had started volunteering for our local Humane Society. The reason I say luckily is because I knew first hand how many dogs were desperately in need of a home. I had a long talk with myself, the Lord and with Spice and I came to this. conclusion : nothing I could possibly do would ever bring back my baby girl of 12 years who had been more loyal to me than anyone ever in my life. What I could do is do something positive for another living being in her honor. So I looked for another dog that was truly in need of a home and had been deprived of that for way to long. I still miss my girl Spice every day but when I see this new dog and know I'm able to give him a life he might not have had because I filled a vacant spot, has helped me to heal. I hope this will somehow help you as you grieve the loss of your irreplaceable Hooch.

God bless you.

I’m so sorry. That’s really hard to deal with. Dogs with ADHD owners are very special. It seems like my rescue pup, Gatsby (3 years, now) is more patient, understanding, loyal and a better listener than any human I’ve ever known. Unconditional love, for me, is hard to come by because nobody understands what it’s like to live with this disorder. I’ve lost my job, my marriage and my home largely becaus af ADHD. And this guy, it seems, is absolute in his understanding. It’s like we have our own language. I understand your pain. But be open, honest and talk to others about it. We have a tendency to beat ourselves up for things we have no control over. Stay active, help others and say the serenity prayer often. And above all else, be grateful. Time heals. And you’ll eventually develop another cherished relationship with another pup that needs you as much as you need him or her. Peace.

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Thank you that is a wonderful story, I’m glad you shared with me. I feel like I’m going to need some time before I adopt again

Aw. Sweet Hooch. These bodies, strong and miraculous, yet frail at the same time. I’m sorry it all happened so suddenly. It may take time to absorb. Hope you will treat yourself with extra kindness and self care. Baths, walks, anything truly nurturing. Reach out for support in real life too. A listening ear and good hug are medicine. Some communities have grief groups for people who’ve lost animals. Did you have a ceremony? I think they are an important part of honoring/processing loss. Especially if someone you know and trust will be there for support. 🙏🏻❤️

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That’s a good idea I haven’t

awww so sorry for your loss. I wish I could give you a big hug. Pets become family to us, so hard to say goodbye to them.

Aw, our babies.... it is never easy to let them go when you know the time has come. My heart goes out to you. I have three dogs, two malts and a Silky Terrier - all rescues. Not having any children, my dogs are my companions so I do understand the loss.

You said you were not ready to give a forever home to another dog right now. A dog who needs a home may be what you need to ease the grief you are feeling. I use to manage the accounting for a shelter and being there changed the way I looked at getting a shelter dog. Before I was hesitant always looking for dogs through personal friends; however, over the years my best dogs came from shelters. I hope you will consider it. Coming home to an empty house is hard. I love knowing my dogs will be there to greet me.

Take care of yourself.

So sorry to hear about your loss. Their love for us is unconditional and making that decision is hard but you did have a wonderful life together.

Very Sorry to read.. he's a beautiful fella. They're a great source of comfort and love. We have Asia - Bullmastiff.. she's Super Slobbery.

Take Good Care & Big Love to you..

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! PM me if you need support. I appreciate all of your positive advice and sharing. Sending 💕 love and big hugs. K

Sorry for your loss. It will take time to process this. You loved your dog very much so mourning is completely normal. He is resting in a better place and some day you will meet him again.

Oh NO! I'm so sorry for your loss. Pets are family and I know it has to be really hurting and maybe making things difficult right now. Sending hugs to you.

Thank you. It’s been over a year and I just cried the other day about it.

my condolences on your loss. U and your dog had such a strong bond and love for each other. In a way he was a therapy dog 4 U. He sensed what you needed at times especially emotionally and this must have been of great comfort to U. U were very brave and loving in what U did at the end of your precious dog's life. U knew he was suffering terribly and that the quality of his life probably was unbearable U will need your time to mourn but remember we are all here 4 U.

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Thank you so much I do appreciate hearing your kind words. The pain of losing him has made it really hard for me to want to get another dog because I know one day he to or she too will pass away and I would have to go through that again and the pain of losing my last dog is still very present even though it’s been two years

I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ where U live, but U might

consider getting involved with a humane society in your area At least U could

be giving some comfort to some dogs in

need. Hopefully U keep the warm memories of your dog close to your


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I recently got a new roommate who has a 6yr old big dog that is really sweet and I’m enjoying his company for now. And thank you for the suggestion. I live in Tucson Arizona and I’ve been thinking of doing that for a long time off and on. Will see but I’m thinking of looking into it at least soon, once it starts cooling down

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So happy to hear about an addition of a dog to your household. Heat in Arizona I understand. My brother lives in Fountain Hills and once when I came to visit we went to Sedona which is gorgeous but it was 117!! Please wait til cooling in weather don't pressure yourself and see if it feels like a good idea to U. Since U live in a well populated city there might be other places U can check out as well I live in Beverly Hills and the weather here has been around 95 but in our valleys it's been hitting 115 a la Phoenix.

Happy that U found our group. Stay safe and cool Shnookie

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I just saw on the news this morning the big fires in California and temperatures at 117

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Shnookie in reply to Lovinit

It’s brutal. This is far from where I live, but year after, we have been having

hellacious fires 🔥 in CA. And to add insult to injury, one of the fires was

started at a gender reveal party for

the prospective parents and someone

decided to use fireworks and a fire 🔥 was set off. I have no words 😶

We have been taught by watching our

local channels 4 so many years that

to those who live in fire prone areas,

clear all the brush around the houses

and definitely don’t thro lit

Cigarette butts or perform pyrotechnic acts. This is why I’m so

happy 😃 we have our group. I live by

Myself and am ok with this but I do

like the company of others even in writing especially during these challenging times. Enjoy 😉 the rest

of your day. Play with the dog 🐕

Stay safe M 🤷‍♀️😎💪

Thank you so much. It was very nice chatting with you 🙏

I’m incredibly sorry for your loss. Hooch is such a cute name for a dog and one day you will see him again in heaven. It may be a long time till you see him again, but I promise you will. Until then I know it is difficult right now but when you start to feel better about the loss try remembering the good memories you had with him. Also, know that you did the right thing for your pet. My mom’s fiancé did one of the worst things possible you can do to a dog because of his selfish need to keep the dog alive since he felt it was the last thing he has to remember when his ex wife and daughters were once together since Daisy was their family dog. When we moved in together the poor animal could barely walk or go to the bathroom without being held up by a harness. He would drag her down the steps to the yard and had to hold her up while she went to the bathroom. Broke my heart. Her back legs were very weak compared to her front legs. She would struggle to get up to get to her food bowl and water. We eventually without telling him just started bringing the food and water to her. She was the sweetest dog and he knew she was suffering and didn’t care.

We eventually after my mom basically threatened to leave him over it put her down. But I hope to never witness that kind of animal abuse again!

Sorry, just realized it’s been over 2 years since. They need to put the most recent ones first or maybe my phone is messed up. Either way I hope you are doing better and my words give u a bit of hope and wisdom. That time heals.

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