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I need my adderall, but NJ cracked down.

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Hi, I'm new here, but not new to ADD. I was diagnosed about 30 years ago, and have been happily taking adderall as directed, with no ill effects ever since, except my state NJ has now cracked down on various drugs, and I'm having extreme trouble finding a Dr who will write it for me now. Can someone suggest a solution, or even better, the name of a Dr in South Jersey who writes it? Thank you so much! I've been without it now for 2 years, and hope is fading.

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Have you been to a psychiatrist? A regular md may not feel qualified to diagnose and treat ADHD

Ugh. I wish I had decent advice beyond going to Philly or moving. I moved out of south Jersey 14 years ago partly because medical care of any kind is so bad there. The only good doctors I could find were in Philadelphia and Wilmington. Good luck!

They have cracked down everywhere not just Jersey. You need a progressive psychiatrist. I know of a database that shows you how many prescriptions a doctor has written and for what. It helps you really narrow down who you want to try and go see.

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That would be a great help, thank you! Where is this database?

Once my psychiatrist retires, I will have a difficult time. The new generation of psychiatrist are totally different they were taught bezo's and stimulents are from the devil and should rarely be prescribed. You want an older psychiatrist, 50's, 60's.

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It's very interesting you say that. My psychiatrist is in his 50's. I have been curious about this effect since I was a child but never really thought it'd come to that.

I believe my generation has caused much of this, unfortunately. I was 6 years old back in 1990 and, if I recall correctly, I was one of the first generations to be diagnosed by teachers and prescribed Ritalin from psychiatrists like it was candy.

You can imagine what that does to kids as they get older- the kids who "grew out of it" grew older with the message that pills (and drugs) solve everything. No effing wonder we have such widespread abuse of medications like we do.

I started taking Vyvanse at the beginning of the spring. I was hesitant to do it at first because I had a bad history with this stuff as a child. The stigma has gotten worse as well from all these college kids abusing the drugs. It's rather sad, but one thing I will say is that I've realized I've become dependent on my Vyvanse, inadvertently. I've never and will never abuse it, especially since I work for the DoD, but I've become a more motivated, physically fit, and generally more personally successful individual since I got on the Vyvanse (I'm also a PhD student with full-time job, wife, and 3 kids... you can't imagine how busy I am) and my Vyvanse really helps drive me forward. It's unfortunate thinking that I probably owe much of my accomplishment since the Spring to this medication.

Oh no, after all that time of taking it with no problems and now this! It's just as bad here in the UK so I don't recommend moving here! That's a big step back to the dark ages, it doesn't look hopeful for the rest of the world if that's the direction it's heading in over the pond 🙄 sorry I haven't got anything more practical to offer, just letting you know you're not alone. Hope you get something sorted soon 🤞

Hi metaphor, I live in Oregon and it took 6 months for me to get a prescription for Adderall, after I saw my psychiatrist for the first time. In all honesty I’m a bit perplexed by all these restrictions with Adderall, because I don’t fell any kind of high at all. Maybe I’m just different. All I get out of it, is that it feels like my consciousness in finally plugged into that organ in my head, called the brain and it helps me now do my tasks and makes me more present in life. I can’t imagine why people that don’t need Adderall would want to take it, as they seem to be able to function quite well without it. However I do feel a little physical restlessness when I go to bed at nights, but it’s nothing comfortable.

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Typically if you really need it you don't "feel" it. I'm the same. I feel nothing but normal. I actually get pretty upset on it because I see how a normal brain works & I get extremely frustrated with how horrible mine is.

Most of the hubbub is due to a presumed diversion to the manufacture of street drugs whose abusers take the equivalent of a month's supply of ADHD medication in a single sitting.

It doesn't take a genius to realize the source streams of the street supply have to dwarf the prescription supply, if any significant fraction of us are actually taking our medication.

I'm in the process of another, lengthy hunt, after another relocation, myself: I can only hope what's left from a year of “weekends off” lasts long enough not to jeopardize my job—last time, I barely managed to find the right practice, in time (indeed, I suffered a few, hellish days of crunch time at work, without medication, even then).

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"A month's supply at a single sitting!? That's insane... Their hearts mush explode after like ten times the normal dose... smh

No, they just get high—and usually insanely horny—unless they have ADHD, in which case they don't.

I take the equivalent of about 50mg of amphetamine, daily; but a tweaker may smoke a gram and a half at once—thirty times as much.

They could probably get nearly as high on a smaller dose, but it'd be eliminated too quickly for them to "enjoy" it.

Same in AZ. My life was on track for the first time in my life. I was on it for a year and then they just stopped prescribing it and wanted me to go through a whole process and I met with doctors that were terrible to me. I was off for a year or 2 and now I decided to get help. My life turned into a huge mess. Depression because I was so hating myself because I couldnt control me and info cant who else is going to. No risky behaviors but work and family etc just got messy and now I have a new doc and I think im headed in a new direction.

I’m in CA and my adult daughter has no problem through Kaiser. She was even diagnosed as an adult.

Im in north jersey and my psychiatrist is in Essex county so that probably wont help you but he's great and you only have to see him every 3-4 months once you get your dosage down if the drive is worth it for you.

Well, I still haven't found one down here, so could I ask his name? Thank you!

Curious, I live in Passaic county, NJ

Who’s your psychiatrist?

Has the doctor told you why he/she won’t prescribe it for you anymore? At my doctor In Texas, you have to have a urine drug test every three months and once a year be given a series of written and oral tests to evaluate and determine if you have legitimate needs for the medication. My doctor has; in the past; requested me to bring in a job description for my job that has been added to my medical records. I follow the dosing and filling of the prescription to the letter of the law. I don’t try to fill it even a day early and I go to the same pharmacy each month.

Being a strictly controlled substance; doctors have to cover all their bases legally to substantiate prescribing it. IMO, a doctor would be CRAZY to jeopardize their career, livelihood and reputation to prescribe it without cause!

I am in Pennsylvania and moved from Iowa about a year ago. In Iowa my doctor's were like my friends. They knew me and really cared about my well being. I was diagnosed in 1st grade with extreme ADHD but didn't need medication until after I had my children (37). I moved here and I was treated pretty badly by my new doctor. She saw my history and wanted nothing to do with me. Thankfully, she had me go see a neurologist and things have been going great. I had to re-take some tests and he had me get a MRI. This must have proved I'm sincere and he got me back on my medication (after a year I might add -30mg Adderall IR). So it is strict around here. Ask to be referred to a neurologist and see if that doesn't help get you back on track! Good luck!

I found this post by searching Adderall for chemo brain. I also work for psychiatrists in NJ. ADHD/ADD won't be diagnosed with MRI and neurologist would really only be helpful if it was suspected symptoms were from another cause. A good psychiatrist in any state will not prescribe it right off the bat, even if you were on it previously. instead there are now a battery of tests specifically for adults. Most people who really are ADD/ADHD won't feel the effects of Adderall other than the ability to focus and feel "normal". i didn't understand that until I was given Adderall for the effects of chemotherapy due to having stage iV breast cancer. Suddenly I had bursts of energy and fatigue from chemo was gone, my depression was lifted and my overall physical symptoms dissipated. I remember mentioning to my doctor that it was a wonder drug but he told me that I'm a walking reason why Adderall is not just prescribed lightly anymore. My clients in NJ will prescribe it after full evaluation and testing over a period of time and a lot of patients end up giving up and not following through or they were found to be either misdiagnosed (many other things produce same symptoms) or just didn't meet the criteria for being ADD/ADHD but they will be referred out to a neuro to find another cause.

Metaphor, I know the post has been a year but did you finally found the right psychiatrist to prescribe the medication you needed?

No, a year has passed but I still haven't found a psyche to prescribe it... Part of my hesitation is the witch-hunt atmosphere I fear prevails, but I do have a referral to a neuro, and I question how closely do I have to present ADD to get my adderall back? Remember, I was on it for 30 YEARS with no problems... So if I go and they say, let's try this instead, I'm of course gonna say, why change what works?? I have ZERO history of abuse, I took it as directed for 30 years...!

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You should check out preferred behavioral health, they are really awesome & so helpful. Only hoop you have to jump thru to go back on your old meds is reviewing any old files from precious drs + getting cardiac clearance for Adhd medication.


Finds You Prescribers in


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Thank you, but when i pasted that word in, it shows a nonprofit news agency...?

I looked it up and added prescribing doctors in the google search and this came up: I pasted the link below


I live

Hi I love in south jersey .. dr Patel and dr barb are phenomenal dr”s they will help u .. there number is 856 -228-7577.. they are kind and understanding and should be able to help u with ur situation

I live in South Jersey also .. Dr. Patel.. that’s in a plaza right In Clementon? That would seriously be insane .My child’s been trying to find a Dr for her issues for ADHD & has no insurance now .. I told her to apply for it but all is backed up with this Covid 19 virus . Ppl who go untreated & who really need it n have history being prescribed it can’t get the medicines needed .

I feel the same way. Doses that weren't a problem 10 years ago are suddenly too much. They want you to try stratterra and all the non controlled stuff. It's such a pain. Hate this war on drugs. Makes getting legitimate medication at suitable doses a hassle.

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