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Stuck in the IN Between

Hi I'm a 24 year old male. I've been on Medication for ADHD since I was in third grade.

It has not been an easy road. When I say IN between I'm no longer a child but I don't feel like an adult. I have a few more credits until I get my degree. I want to move on but I have no desire, I'm stuck. I few years ago I was prescribed Zoloft for depression /anxiety you pick. It doesn't seem to help any more I just want to do nothing. Also have been on Concerta for a longtime also. Bbeing a gamer probably doesn't help. Just reaching out , first time ever in my life. hello to all.

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I am a crazy gamer so we might have something in common. Luckily for me I dont have to grow up just yet and I dont think I ever will. I mean life as an adult is just too boring😁😁!!!

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Hello. I'm Angie and I just three weeks ago realized I have ADD since my childhood. I'm 45 so yo can imagine at what stage I'm at ...I would suggest give your body a frickin break from fake chemical interference long enough to see if you can find solutions that you have control over ... I'm testing out a hypnosis download for ADD .. doing it every night for as long as possible till I feel the height of control I'm seeking .. I downloaded the Joseph Clough app .. it neural linguistic programming on a subconscious level reprogramming your brains learned reactions from childhood where this shit started right!!! and replacing with improved reactions ... worth a shot? but stick with it if you want results, do it every day ... the longer you had the problem the longer you got to do the work. I know it's got me over many other issues so I'm confident it will get me at least to the better place with no stinkin addictive drugs to cloud you.


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