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Have you tried supplement Accentrate?


I went to the International ADHD Conference this month and there was a company called Accentrate who created a supplement with ADHD-targeted vitamins that are recommended for people with ADHD in one capsule including

Tissue-TargetedTM EPA & DHA; L-Methylfolate; Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B12; Vitamin D3; Magnesium

We currently take most of these vitamins separately which is a lot to handle, so I'm wondering about these difference and/or effectiveness of this product.

Has anyone used it? Here is the link: accentrate.com/

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I don’t know much about regulations with food and drugs or supplements, but under FAQs it says very vaguely- the ingredients are generally FDA approved. What does that mean? The product itself is not FDA approved. I don’t know .... I’m cautious ever since trying a cheap magnesium vitamin from Wal Mart and breaking out in huge rash. One of main ingreients was sodium laurel sulfate which is in soap for lathering. Interested to hear what others think ....

My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9. When he was 10, his school pulled my wife and I in and said without saying, "Put him on medication." We wanted to try a natural route first. We first tried Vayarin for three or so months. We didn't notice any improvements. Then we found Accentrate, which has the phospholipid omega-3s that Vayarin has, but also has many other vitamins, minerals, and cofactors, and it was cheaper so we thought we'd give it a try. He's been on it for more than six months. At his parent teacher conference and his report card, his teachers have said his attention and focus is improved. He's still very ADHD, hyper at home and when we go out. But he can sit and read. He can sit in class and pay attention. We haven't ever given him stimulants yet, and for now, I don't think we will.

Since Vayarin is no longer available, we are considering Accentrate for our son. Even though Vayarin was available without a prescription, the doctor would write a prescription for it, which allowed me to use my medical flex spending account to pay for it. Have any of you had any success using Flex Spending accounts to purchase Accentrate? The doctor said she would write a prescription for it but the company told her there is no "dosing", so she says she can't write it.

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