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Vayarin...any tricks to disguise the bad taste

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My 6 year old son who has ADHD is fighting me with tears about the taste of Vayarin(all natural vitamin for ADHD with Omega-3) 😥. I tried it today bc he was crying over it. The pill did taste like "dirty socks" as my son says 🤣 and it did not stay down well....burp it up and takes more than a few swigs of water for it to settle down. I tried to open the pill and pour the powder in applesauce, almond milk, chocolate milk.. . But it all tasted terrible.....really bad fish taste 🤨. I tried it with him and about gagged myself 🤦

Anyone have any tricks to taking this and disguising the taste?!?!

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Well if it taste that bad I personally wouldn’t make my kid take it, You said you also gagged while trying it so why would you make your son take it knowing how bad it is? He’s crying and you know it’s bad tasting so I would look for another alternative vitamin. Search on this forum. Or Amazon as I’m sure their is other recommendations out there with similar ingredients.

I only gagged when I opened up the pill and poured the powder form into vanilla was awful. But when I took the pill, although it does taste a little fishie (all Omega 3 pills or chewy vitamin taste this way) it isn't that awful.

We mix it in vanilla yogurt and our son has no problem taking it. We tried applesauce and peanut butter with horrible results, but yogurt has always worked.

Thank you!

My son has always taken this and his meds with milk. No complaints or burping issues for him. He also takes probiotics at the same time.

Both my sons take Vayrin, I used to put it in peanut butter

Does Vayrin help?

Not sure yet. Doctor says it could take up to 3 months to notice a difference. I am trying to stick with it to see if it will help with emotions.

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