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Heard of or used Accentrate?

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Curious if any of you have heard about this nutritional supplement that is supposed to be formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies known to be associated with ADHD. There’s a version for people under 110 pounds and then another version for people over 110 pounds. We are all for trying new supplements to help moderate mood and behavior. But curious if anyone has heard of it or tried it?

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Haven't heard of that one. Our psychiatrist likes L-theanine. She is also the one who recommended we try broad spectrum micronutrients.

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Thank you! Do you also give a stimulant?

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Not anymore. He does the Hardy Nutritionals DEN and we were able to come off all medications.

Our Neurologist recommended it in place of Vayarin (which we can no longer get in the us). We’re only on day 5 of it but so far so good. My daughter is 8 and extremely reactive to meds so if there was going to be an issue I think I’d have seen it by now. She has an MTHFR gene mutation so I really like that Accentrate includes L-methlyfolate. That alone makes a world of difference in her mood and behavior. I used to give her a separate 5-MTHF supplement and really like that Accentrate includes that along with the omegas. I’d give it a shot!

I give Accentrate 110 to my 15 yr old son twice a day. He likes the tablet because they are way smaller than the regular Omega 3's that he used to take. My son has ADD and cannot tolerate medication. We are still in week 3 and haven't seen any changes yet. It says it will take up to 3 weeks to take effect or up to 3 months for others. Crossing my fingers that it will work for him.

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Thank you! So he’s not on a stimulant? We give a lot of other supplements with his Adderall XR so I get overwhelmed with all of the options. Sounds like this might be an alternative to a stimulant, in the most ideal state.

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Is your son still taking this? My son does not tolerate medications well either. He is now 15 and grades are slipping as he is not taking anything at this time. but I hate to put him back on medications. Want to try something new.

No, he's not in stimulant for now. He is not irritable anymore. Just remember what medication does for every kid is different. Keep trying to find something that works. Good luck to you!

My son has been on Accentrate110 for over a year and has been doing well without stimulants. His personality never changed and he eats and sleeps perfectly fine. Its not the as effective as a drug, of course, but its been exactly enough for him.

Our psychiatrist said that the book that has helped him open up to using micronutrients is called Finally Focused by James Greenblatt. He recommended that we put our 12-year old on Accentrate and another Accentrate product called MZI, and that it will take a few months to know if it's helping.

Hi. Wondering if you ever ended up trying Accentrate, and if so, what the effect was.

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