Help plz

My 8 year old has ADHD and is make all F's in school and the school is tell me they are nothing else they can do to help him .....makes me so mad to see him fell and he is try his best the school don't understand him he is not like the other kids with his ADHD he has other problems on top of that ....just feel like I am backed up to a wall and can't get nothing done for him 😢


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7 Replies

  • Please know you are not alone, we are here and it gets hard, but we can only take it one day at a time...

    Does your son have a 504 plan in place?

  • What is a 504 plan

  • Here is an article on 504 plan and IEP

  • I feel like I re teach my child every evening. It's a struggle. I am putting him on a 504 plan. Tell them what you want done and put it in the plan. It's legal binding.

  • My son has an IEP. I would suggest you reccomend for him to be tested and be put on an IEP

  • What is iep

  • It is individual education plan. Children who are acedemically behind can get the services needed to help them. They also can recieve accomodations. My sons grades are modifyed on his report card he can't recieve anything lower than a C. My son is 3 years behind in math and 2 years behind in reading. He gets pulled out 2 times a day for rsp. I hope this helps good luck.

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