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Hello everyone, I am new here. My son is 5, recently diagnosed with ADHD AND ODD he has had nothing but issues at school and is being violent and aggressive. We are still trying to find a therapist and regulate his meds as it has only been about 1 month since he was diagnosed. The school told me that I shouldn't even bother sending him to school and when I still sent him back the next day, they said he was out of cobtrol, sent him home and suspended him. Now my child has a lot of issues but he doesn't lie. I asked him what happened and he told me. His story differed so much from the school principals it was crazy. I was told that with him being diagnosed with a disability they are supposed to attempt to work with him and can not send him home or suspend him..How do I go about dealing with his school not wanting to deal with him?

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  • You need to get an IEP for him.

  • I know exactly how you feel I have a 5th grader that has ADHD and anger issues and I have been dealing with this for 3 years. I'm frustrated with the school and his behavior and I don't know what to do. And he has an IEP

  • I have the same problem and I had to transfer him schools today maybe new school will help what is IEP

  • First of all go to the school superintendent because the schools supposed to be able to give him a one on one person in his classroom maybe you could also make a doctor visits because sometimes the medication may be too strong for the child body and weight size so when he is feeling a funny or as we will say high on drugs and he does not understand his emotions so the only response you may get from him is being violent or aggressive you have to also looking to the medication because a lot of the time the medication might need the child to be drinking a lot of water on the school don't allow them to be taken water breaks all day so the medication end up not working right and still wanting to need it is a lot of water and to be in a environment that the temperature is right because a lot of the time the medication makes them feel very hot i'm in the summertime kids A very frustrated especially if they are hot with a dry mount believe you me it's not nice so try sending him to school with extra water so at least his body does not dehydrate the medication May have that side effect

  • I suggest that you make an appointment with the teacher and find out what is going on. Unless you know what is happening, and what is expected, you can't know how to react. Hearing both sides will allow you to decide what needs to be done. You are correct that he has the right to be in school, but don't approach it that way. If you will approach it with concern (and firmness, not anger!) you will have an ally at school in the teacher. Ask her what she wants you to do, because obviously it will be her job to control him during school hours.

    How do I know all this? I am a retired teacher. Feel free to ask me anything! I promise, I will tell you the truth.

    In my experience, the principal is hearing the issue second-hand. The teacher is your best resource.

  • Get a good description of the behaviors at school and work with his doctor to determine the reason. This can help decide what to do.

  • Sounds like my life. My 5 yo ADHD ODD son was sent to the principal last Friday on day 8 of kindergarten. My son has an iep and is in an ict class. He isn't medicated yet, but I'm going to look into it once i can find a dr /therapy program. Go to ADDitude magazine online. They have a great webcast on ODD that had lots of great info. Look into The Defiant Child Program by Russell Bradley. In the webcast I viewed they said if you don't see results w the meds 3-4 days you should reevaluate the dosage or prescription. Best of luck! I know how hard this is!

  • Russell Barkley is a great resource. He also has YouTube videos.

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