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I think is not the right school help!

Hello guys ;

I think the school that my 10 year old boy attends is not the right one. I told the district social worker i want to start looking for a new school but she dont want to help, she keeps saying his in the right one! My son has adhd/dmdd he has bad behaviors at school and at home he doesnt want to follow directions and most of the time he gets upset when he doesnt get his way. He has been in that school for a year and i dont see improvements , im thinking a program just for adhd kids . His not making friends in the bus or school , he even say kids say they hate him and thats making him really sad . Im having alot of issues with all this , how is he supposed to get better if he hears and see meanful things in the everyday living?

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Jennifer425- thanks for bringing this issue up. I think we all question if I child is in the right place.. what is it about the school that you think is not the right fit? Also, just curious what have you tried to do to help your son cope with his behavior issues and peer interection issues?

Has the school offered him an educational plan? Or have you asked?

Hope we can help you.

Take care


Bullying in school , bullying on the bus i already talked to them about it and nothing has been changed also the kids their have all different kinds of dosabilities and he sees kids acting so so how is he supposed to changed?


Kids with ADHD are different and other kids pick up on that. Both my daughter and my 2 grandsons I am helping to raise have had trouble with bullying. None of them have had a lot of friends but a couple of close friends at least are important.

In this area most schools that specialize in ADHD kids are private schools with high tuitions that I could never afford. We have had to do our best working on medications to stabilize and help them concentrate, and I.E.P's to help them in school.

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I will like my son to be in a school just for adhd


Contact NAMI In your area and see if they can help. They should be able to give you a list of schools that specialize in ADHD.


Oh yea im going to do that


You do understand that then his peer group will only be kids with ADHD, not regular kids. We feel that our son needs to learn to get along with everyone becuase college and real life are not separate.

Here are some suggestion of how to help your son: set up an educational plan IEP/504 plan, get him thearpy to learn how to deal with the issues that come up and help him by giving him medication. In addition take parenting training to learn how to structure down time and discipline. Hope these suggestions help.


The school that he goes to dont have regular kids , the kids there have more serious problema then him , and his already in therapy .


Yes that is my point. If he is in a school with all kids that have some kind of issue there tends to be more issues. If he were in a general education environment role models would be kids without issues. Have you thought about a charter with general education? Private school tend to not understand or know how to deal with children with special needs.

Good luck


I was reading of charter schools but i see is for regular kids i dont think his ready for regular school yet, he has alot of behavioral issues , once he was in a school where kids where more stable and they couldnt handle him. His 10


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