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The app not always accurate both ways


My app is usually very good. But the other day (I have set a target of 30 mins brisk walking), I had actually done 70 minutes of brisk walking and the app commiserated and told me with a bit if effort I could reach my target!

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Oh no!! That’s a bit disheartening!! 😱. Well done on the 70 minutes though 👏👍

Ut was really only because I was out running around shopping. But it just goes to show!

Yeah... I’ve done 10k running and been told it wasn’t a brisk walk... the cheek of it!

What matters of course is we know we did it... I found the app really good for getting into brisk walking, now I don’t really need it.

I do agree. It is not the app that does the walking after all! But you and I. So more power to your elbow...

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