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Why didn’t I already have this app?

Just joined and surprised I wasn’t already on this. I walk a lot on my rest days from running, but I don’t necessarily deliberately push the pace, so it will be interesting to see if I’m doing this naturally already.

Does running count or shall I do active 10 on top of that on run days?

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Hi there UnfitNoMore, welcome to our forum! I'm not a runner - neither do I use the app (technophobe, I'm afraid!), but from what runners have previously said, they use the Active 10 app on the days they don't run. Hopefully a runner will reply to your post soon, and you will have a more definitive answer!


I’m good either way... if it’s an additional thing the app will probably give me all my 10s for the run though, so I’ll have to get a few more. Loving being active in as many different ways as possible!

Thanks for the reply... I don’t know how I missed this place... I joined other ones I had interest or experience in!


Hi there, I’m on here as well, hehe, you can’t get away from me. 😂😂😂. Active 10 works really well on your days off from running, it is a great compliment. I would be interested on how you get on with it as they have been working on the app as it has been a bit glitchy so it will be good to see if they have ironed out a few of its problems, I used it to get back up to running after surgery in 2017 and found it really useful.


I’d say you were stalking me if it wasn’t for the fact you were everywhere first 😂

I’ll give it a test over the weekend

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Active 10 will count your running as brisk walking


That’s how it looks sometimes 😂


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