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Having a bad time just now.


Oh my, I'm having such a painful arthritic flare up just now I can hardly move, let alone walk. I'm using my exercise bike, but only for 3 or 4 minutes at a time - although I'm doing it a few times a day. So flipping frustrating! I've got an appointment with my GP on Friday to (hopefully!) get some seriously strong anti inflammatories! Looking forward to next week! Hope everyone else is doing well and getting some good walks in!:)

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That's awful Kay. I hope the flare passes for you soon and that you can get some mobility back ASAP. I'm impressed you're hitting the bike still, hopefully it helps a little.

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Aaw thanks runswithdogs! It's 4 o'clock in the morning and I just can't get comfortable, so I'm watching the Australian Open - one good thing about being retired I guess!

I’m so sorry this has happened and just when you want to get your year started. I must admit I was feeling a bit like that between Christmas and New year and took myself off to the docs, my thyroid was out and that gave me joint inflammation only it had skipped my mind that that could be what was happening. (Could kick myself now) but they sorted me out and I’m back on track. I hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Also don’t forget to tell them in detail all you have been doing, it is easy for doctors to look at a screen and judge you pre all your hard work. I always tell my Dad to tell his docs times on his exercise bike and all his gardening work as it really does make a difference to your treatment. Let us know how you get on Kay and I will be thinking of you. Xxx

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Thanks Rfc! It's so easy to go on a downer when you can't do what you want to do! I regularly end up in tears of frustration when my body just won't cooperate with me. This time it's not only the back that's playing up, it's my knees too and the pain in my hands is especially bad - to the extent that I'm finding it hard to push my Sholley! Grrrr!

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Take care xxxx

Oh Kay, I feel bad that you’re going through this! Sudden weather changes do this to me too. Try chanting 30 times that old remedy ‘day by day in every way, I am getting better and better and better’. Take care.

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Thanks suryakaizen - the mind is so powerful and sometimes I forget that! I think you might be right about the weather too, as it's suddenly turned really cold. At times like this I'm so grateful that I moved to my bungalow last summer, so I don't have to deal with stairs anymore - it's a blessing! Take care suryakaizen:)

Oh that is not so good. Haven`t been here for a few days ( I think) Hope you are feeling a bit better.....being sore can obviously bring you down and make you frustrated but hope the anti-inflammatory is helping a bit. Thinking of you. Hope you are back to your 6 minutes soon x

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Hi ollio! I finally got out for a brisk walk today, but forgot to put my watch on (!) so had to count steps instead! Managed 1500 - at least half of them uphill too, so I'm quite chuffed. I hope that you're not suffering too much in this cold weather. Take care:)

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Thats great......something is better than nothing. I am still going out most days, even for a wee while. Hope you feel better soon. Today is crazy windy, so will have a wind battle if I go out he he he. Glad to hear from you. Take care and keep me posted.x


Thanks ollio - I have been feeling sorry for myself lately! However, I'm taking the anti inflammatory bombs and I'm hoping for a better time next week! Take care, ollio

Poor you Kay50.

Hope your doctor is able to give you something to help x

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Thanks SMITHYC - this happens at some stage every winter! I'm just pig-headed about taking the high strength anti inflammatories that I need! The joys of having a spine that not only is arthritis ridden, but has worn out and broken discs too!

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Hi Kay50

I also have had a back problem from slipping on a wet floor at work 15 years ago. I was told I hadv2 discs that were like 2 bruised apples and 1 that every so often came out. I was told to treat my back like glass. This cold weather effects it and my hip.

I have a sports massage once a month that helps with my back and shoulder. I have tendon damage in that

Thars why i do Nordic walking as it helps. I know if I put any weight on it is worse too. Thats why I have lost a stone and a half and would like to loose another stone.

Can I ask what vitamins you take please.

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Oh gosh it's an exhaustive list, but here goes! S-adenosylmethionine, capsicum(I eat chilli every day) and I also use a capsicum rub, turmeric(also in food), cat's claw, fish oil, vitamin e oil, gamma linolenic acid, ginger(added to green tea), vitamin c(as rosehip), apple cider vinegar, b complex, multivitamin, multimineral, and I burn indian frankincense. I also take Q10. I try, but don't always succeed, not to eat anything in the nightshade family! I eat oily fish, even if it's just sardines on toast, 5 times a week and I also use magnet impregnated supports, which I wear daily. I also try to have a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a tablespoon of coconut oil daily. I think that's all! Oh yes, and I visit the chiropractor once a month - more often if I'm really struggling. I've tried acupuncture too, but it didn't work for me.

High insulin levels cause inflammation insulinandmore.com/2018/01/...

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Thanks concerned - my particular problems are skeletal based. Degenerating spine, I'm afraid, which is adversely affected by cold weather! But hey, could be worse, at least I'm still on my feet thanks to the Herculean efforts of the chiropractor and mega vitamin supplements!

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Dr Rosedale explains it's high insulin levels that cause hormonal miscommunication, the calcium being laid down in blood vessels instead of where it is needed in bone re-modelling for example drrosedale.com/resources/pd... .

Good luck Hidden!

I feel your frustration, I finally had my right hip replaced in September and was doing amazingly well, back to walking five miles and more a day with no pain. Then in December I rolled on my knee now can barely walk with it, supposed to have PT today but with all the snow, who knows. They say it is an arthritic flare up, I can’t take anti inflammatory pills so take a lot of turmeric, but not helping. I am fine if my leg is straight but as soon as I bend it the pain is horrendous so I applaud you for going on your bike.

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Oh no, Kemoodie! That really is bad luck - I do sympathise with you. I find that a capsicum rub helps somewhat, red tiger balm sometimes gives me relief - might be worth a try. Here's hoping you get sorted out really soon!

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Thank you I had never heard of the capsicum cream until today so I will give it a try. Saw physio today he says I have torn a tendon in my knee, hopefully fixable with exercises! Feeling more hopeful.

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No wonder your knee has been so painful! You must have really twisted it to tear a tendon - commiserations Kemoodie. Good luck with the exercises.

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