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hi, walking is unbearable, I have walking aids though 20 yards is excruciating. I don't have any1 I can call on, I'm pretty much isolated where I live, having degenerative bone disease is very painful at times. Yeh, things get pretty lonely, I'm not looking 4 pity n don't want it to sound like a sob story it's just the facts of my life at this point. My son's around most days but being a single dad he has his hands full n can't accompany me 2 walk outside.

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I’m sorry it is so difficult for you. With that information the best place to start might be these two little workouts. Maybe try the seated yoga one first but just for 10 seconds each one and the slowly over time build up to 30 seconds. It is better to do little increases than push too much.

Also this one might help too try them at half the amount first and see how you get on. I would do only one of the links per day to start of with

I’m sure Hidden Will be along soon, she started here just over a year ago at 250 steps per day but has been slowly building up her walking with her trusted sholley and is a great inspiration to many on here.

Keep coming back we will do all we can to help keep you moving in your own way.

thnx, that's inspiring. Feeling stuck in a rut's been feeling like I'm in a muddy swamp n can't get out, having degenerative bone disease has really limited my movements n the thought of going 4 a walk is terrifying, I walk with crutches which is gr8 but I feel like I'm gonna keel over. I'm taking all of ur advice on board n will let u know how I get on .

Hi Ashleigh I have exactly the same problems as you and can really understand how you're feeling as you may as well be describing me. It's very isolating and I feel most people don't understand why you can't just get up and go for a walk. It's like a military operation just to get out the door! xx

yay sum1 gets it, it's proving a bit tougher now the nights have drawn in n tryin 2 motivate myself 2 do more stretches n stuff indoors which started out gr8.

Hi Ashleigh I just thought of you and was wondering how are you getting on xx I still haven't got myself into any routine but I am determined to get started and thought I would try swimming although I have lost all confidence and struggling to get myself together. Let me know how your doing and I hope you are feeling ok xx

bi thnx 4 ur reply, I've been deflated lately as I've not been able 2 leave the house to renew my gym card, I still can't wear trainers as my feet are soo swollen due 2 oedema n panic attacks set in


Welcome, I'm glad you found us. It looks like RFC has given you some good links as a starting point. We all have our own starting point as to how much we can walk and move. Building up slow and steady is the name of the game, and you don't have to do it all at once. If 10 yards is okay, you start there and that's a-okay. Maybe next time you try 11. Or you do 10 yards in the morning, and 10 yards in the afternoon. Or 10 yards one day, and gentle stretching the next. We're here to support each other and bounce ideas around, there's no one set path.

thnx so much, I needed that it makes me hopeful 4 the future 🙆

Dear Ashleigh09, thank you for trusting us in this group to tell us how you are doing and feeling right now. I can imagine too that you must be concerned about your son more than about yourself.

Most of us can probably not give you hands-on support, but you know, when you post, we are reading, listening and are there with you in spirit.

I do know from experience (I had a virus attack and fibromyalgia for 3 months last year) that sunlight is so beneficial for bone health, in fact for overall health. Choose the morning sun before 12 noon, sit for half an hour at the least exposing your skin after putting on some oil or sunblock. Also try vipassana breathing (there are videos on the Net) as stabilizing the breath can be healing. There's also a great book by Lance Armstrong called 'Its not about the bike' and its sequel (forgot its name). They're worth a read. Wish you the best from me in Bangalore, India.

thnx so much 4 ur kind words of encouragement, I will definitely implement alot of ur tips in2 my daily life.

Have a great day

Very sorry to hear but if you go on the web there is lots of chair exercises. Try to keep positive. Good luck


Hi Ashleigh09 - welcome to our friendly little forum! I too have a degenerative bone disease (of the spine) and it's tough, isn't it? Not a day goes by when you're pain free. I can't walk properly without my wonderful, trusty Sholley (it's a walking aid cleverly disguised as a shopping trolley, but can take your whole weight without tipping, if you stumble!), as well as various supports and corsets. I joined this forum about a year and a half ago - being able to walk just 200 steps - and that with great difficulty! I started walking the bus route, cos I didn't want to be stranded and not able to walk home - my bus pass was used regularly! Gradually I increased my step count, in 20s. I'm now at a comfortable 3500! I thought (and was told by the medical professionals) I was quickly headed for a wheelchair - well, I'm still walking, albeit with the help of my Sholley. I try to do 10 mins brisk walking twice a day, 3 times a week, but I started by doing 2 mins, because it was all I could manage. And you know what, the lovely members of this forum have supported me fully - when I was feeling low and close to giving up, they picked me up and encouraged me to keep going - even those who regularly walk many miles! I was new to this area when I started walking, and even now I walk alone physically, but I am aware that all my friends from Active 10 are walking with me in spirit. Every step you take is an achievement, no matter how long it takes to get there, and we'll be walking with you every step of the way. Good luck!

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And the best advise, which we kept telling you was...... slow and steady. 😀.

We have watched you slowly build up and helped you in your journey, enjoying every accomplishment with you. Xxx

This forum is great for support.

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Watery eyes, Rfc!x

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