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Three steps forward and two back?


Hi everyone, I had a dizzy/weak spell on Tuesday and went to the hospital to get checked out; I jus got home this evening after much poking, imaging, and other diagnostic tests negative for stroke, but still very unbalanced and deemed unable to walk without assistive devices. A physical therapist will come to my home next week to advise me on therapy. Up until Tuesday I had been making great progress in getting myself out of couch potato mode! I will probably start a conversation on a different hub of HU maybe about stroke support, because I am suspecting I might have had a mini stroke.

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Oh my word, Luvmycats, how worrying for you. Let's be positive and hope it was just a bad reaction to the extreme heat we've been experiencing. I really do hope that you feel more like yourself very soon - take care!

I am so sorry you are going through all this and I hope you get to the bottom of it all soon, whatever is best for you to get through this with reference to the communities but please don’t feel you have to leave us we are a great support to help you get back on your feet when you need us and will be here for you. I agree if it is what you suspect then the other forum will offer invaluable advise but we can keep your spirits up as well. Take care of you xxxx

ekomspotsI Beat the Hill

oh dear, how worrying for you. Fingers crossed it turns out to be "something and nothing". Hope so. xxx

Dear Luvmycats, here’s sending you good juju to help you over what is a difficult time. Lots of love and healing.

Hope you feel better soon x

Thanks for all your good wishes. Physical therapist has noted unequal leg length; probably stemming from hip replacement 2 years ago. I can't believe I never noticed until serious spinal implication, but thankful for answers.

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What a relief to have a diagnosis! Here's hoping that physio will sort you out and you'll be back to your old self really soon! All best wishes!

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