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Pleasure of your good cheer


Hi all! I haven’t written much so far. I had a horrible experience two weeks ago and I’m writing this to warn whoever might need to be careful. I’m 78 in two weeks time.

During a night time in the very hot few days I had an indescribable condition. Was it a stroke? I called nhs111, who sent an ambulance, who took me to the amazing new A & E at Wexham. A whole day of tests found no evidence of a stroke. I seem to have had “heat stroke”.

Please be careful with the weather.

I love reading all the caring on this site.

My wife just seems to find me a nuisance but I think we are fortunate in comparison with so many other people.

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Hi! So sorry to read of your bad experience, but thank you for the warning!

Take care, and enjoy your exercise xxx

Glad you are safe & well now 😊

Dear Picaro, thank you for the warning. I know in my head that as we age, we lose the elasticity in our skin, which means it’s unable to adapt to summers and winters as when we were younger. So we feel heat severely and ditto with the cold. We need to take care of ourselves more. Wish you a happy 78 going strong into the future!!

ArtyMa in reply to suryakaizen

hi, In my current researching into health, aging, weight gain, etc, I have found that taking a suppliament of Collagen, which our body has less of as we age.. assists in the skin.. adding more oils that are good for you, and grass fed butter, puts some oils back in us. So, it is those Omega oils too.. and Sesame oils.. they are good.. but the collagen, which is often Marine Collagen, can assist in the joints, skin, bones, all over really, hair, nails.. it is good for us as we age... Just a thought, it is what i use now, helping me after a bad fall where i broke my foot.

That’s the reason I stay with this forum team it’s not a team unless we speak all the same things 👍

Picaro it was still a scary experience whatever the reason, lately I have been leaving the windows open slightly day and night, I never used to do this but after reading about your ordeal I will keep them like this thank you and hope you and your wife continue to keep well, stay safe 😷❤️


I hope you are recovered now. Some tips from me, re heat .

I used to live in Australia, and it was hot.. We would put a few wet flannels, tea towels in the freezer. Then, we would rotate the use of them, putting them at the back of the neck, can cool the head down.. and sometimes.. if I have a migraine, this is what I do.. cold flannel at the back of the neck and also on the forehead.. it is cooling

The other thing.. is cooling cucumber water

Slice cucumber and put in a jug of water.. maybe add some fresh mint if you have or a slice of lemon or lime, or any other fruit you have, but mainly I just use the cucumber and a sprig of mint, and a slice of lemon or lime>

allow the cucumber to fuse with the water for about an hour in the fridge.. keep this in the fridge.. and just take what you need in a glass.

this cools down the blood.. the body, Cucumber water has many health benefits.. but known seriously for its cooling of the body..

It has been gaining in popularity recently.

Another thing.. if you are able, or can get someone to do this for you, Get a bowl /basin, of water maybe with a little Himalaya Salt or even Rose Water.. and sit and relax with your feet in the water! Enjoy.

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