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Out tomorrow!


Happy Sunday everyone! It's dark and rainy but I'm itching to get out! I was at the chiropractor on Friday and it took a little while to get my spine put back in alignment. The upshot is I was told not to do anything physical till Monday, or it could pop out again! So I've cleaned out my wardrobe and filed all my mail that's been piling up for weeks and now I've just put my walking shoes and my sholley at the door ready for morning! I can't wait to get out!

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Happy Sunday Kay. I hate that restless feeling when I want to get going. Like being a kid at Christmas. But it sounds like it's paying off in the home organization front :)

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Haha - you're right there runswithdogs! Since I've lived alone I live in total chaos - even though I have the best intentions of sorting myself out! I hope you've had a great weekend and fully recovered from the effects of doing the HM:)

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I could be described as chaotic as well, much to the chagrin of my OH 😀

Clearing out the wardrobe sounds very physical to me!

If I cleared out my wardrobe it would be a major job and quite physical, I have trouble throwing clothes away 😀, upshot is I have far too many. Enjoy your walk and take it easy. Xxx

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