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Walking Half Marathon tomorrow.

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Well the time is finally here.

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up at 6am and getting a bus to Central London ready to start my Half Marathon at 9am.

I will be having my pasta for tea tonight and probably an interrupted sleep. It feels like the day before Christmas when I was I kid, so excited. There will be 20,000 of us covering the 13.1 miles. (21.1km).

I am aiming to finish between 3 hours and 3hours 40. My training has been off. Three weeks flu in Jan and nearly 3 weeks looking after my Dad has disrupted my training plan a bit but I have got a 18.2km in so I know I can do the distance. I just need the weather to be kind now.

Happy weekend walking to you all.

Rfc x,

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Rfc, you are very brave - every good wish for tomorrow!

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Thank you Kay, I am so excited, I will write a report tomorrow with all the details. Hehe I am such a kid when it comes to these events, I love them.

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Its on!

Wishing you the very best of luck Rfc and hope you stay warm, have fun and finish in style😊...

I know your training hasn't gone quite as you hoped, and how much you have been looking forward to this HM challenge. You will give it your best as always and I'm sure Mr Rfc will be there cheering you on...

Take care, and remember we will all be thinking of you and willing you to that finish line😊xx

The Shield of Determination and Sword of True Grit are available..x

Thank you Jan. I love that sentiment, I am taking the shield of Determination and Sword of true grit with me as I just love the picture they conjure up in my head. I will leave the house feeling like Bodecia tomorrow 😀.

Ah RFC, what a journey you've been on, this will feel like the top of the mountain. I'll be cheering you on from across the pond, you'll do great.

Awww thank you. It has been a journey hasent it! Hard to believe 9th of March last year was my kidney op.

Enjoy it and I hope the weather is as kind to you,as you are as supportive and kind to all on this forum.🌟👏👏Problems 🤔what problems🤔😂😂

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Thank you. 😀

Oh good luck today, what an achievement to be able to do 13 miles. The weather looks as if it will be kind to you. Enjoy 😊

Fantastic - hope it went well!! We are just home having been along to support my son who ran in the same race. What a fabulous day we had chasing around the course to cheer him on. And so relieved that the weather warmed up a bit and the rain mainly held off. Hope you’re feeling ok - I’m weary and I only walked about 5 miles 😩


Thank you 😀

Hope it goes well for you. Today it has started overcast not far from London. Here's hoping for the same tomorrow. I dont think you need to worry a out rain!

Awww thank you, I did the HM in March. I think it came up in the timeline because someone else replied to it this week. I am in training for my next one May 2019 though. Rfc x.

Silly me for not reading properly. Did you get near your time? A pace I still dream of!!!

I got 3 hour 31min. I was going great guns and then This happened.


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