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I got this in my inbox today - yoga poses for walking.

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I thought I would share this. I think I might give these a go, they seem quite gentle. I am not the best at yoga, strangely enough it seems to stress me out πŸ˜€.


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The wrong class or instruction certainly has that potential for me with yoga, just feels baaaaaaad... I stick happily at beginner level. The problem with individual poses like these is that they have you looking rather than 'feeling' and ignore the transitions between the poses, which matter. And no modifications for different bodies.

I definitely need to do my short practice today though so this was a great reminder.

I think that is my main problem with yoga poses. I think I try to emulate pictures exactly whereas my body is never a supple as the pictures. I think there is really a call for unflexible yoga pictures that just have the slightest of movement to help you get into the right position to start with and then you can build from there and progress. I think anyone who does that will have a good following.

Ekhart Yoga! I started out using their YouTube clips - in particular a very short little piece for lower back pain which has been so helpful, and yes, very small movements - but I do now have a paid subscription to the full site. There are lots of different teachers and some suit me better than others... not always the ones you think either. Andrew Wrenn on there I find is particularly good.

My brother does Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube.

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Thanks for the info GoogleMe - it's really helpful! Ithink my afternoon will be spent on YouTube!

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Thanks Rfc, I think I'll give them a try too.

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