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Tracking every step!


I have a pretty inactive lifestyle - I have a desk job so its not great for moving about. I bought myself a cheap fitness tracker and have been keeping a track of my steps - I have set my goal at 10,00 per day. I can keep an eye on it and it helps to make sure I get moving, if i am not at 5000 by lunchtime - i try and go for a little walk on my lunch break. The little bits add up - I try to have a litle wander about every hour and visit people I need to see on foot instead of ringing their extension numbers.

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Hi Donna keep up the good work.😄

I have a Fitbit to track my steps which is also set to 10,000 steps. I mainly walk the dog or walk to the shops as you say every little helps.

I am a full time carer so some days I don't hit my target so I tend to jog on the spot to reach my quota for the day.

donna0301 in reply to Lady-q

I just walked to the shop so I am on 8400 so far today, may need to use your jogging on the spot tip tonight!!

Your very welcome. I have not done so well today only done 5,095 steps so a jogging I go. 😂😂

That's a great idea having a goal before lunch so if your a bit behind you can add some steps in. Sounds like your really getting into the swing of it.

I have just been marching round the house before bed because I was only 200 steps short. I have hit the target now😂

Hehe, trust me you are not totally alone on this one 😀.

This morning I had a spare 15 minutes after dropping the kids at school before I needed to be at work - it was raining so I walked around my local supermarket to stay dry. I have got to 2700 steps already this morning but on the downside I bought a new duvet cover that I don't really need 😂

I sometimes use a Lesley Soane walking at home dvd to get me moving if I can't get out or need topping-up etc. Someone on this site mentioned it. It's all more or less 'on the spot' but I can work up quite a sweat if I want! Or press pause - depending on my needs! I use the 3 mile one (measures just over 2 on my fitbit). But you need to swing your arms for your tracker. You can do as little or as much as you like. Has really helped me with my regular outdoor pace too. I walk more purposefully now. Less of a stroll!

i will have a look at that thanks

You're welcome. This walking thing is quite addictive!

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