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Day 1 of 5 Minute challenge - 3x daily!

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Hi everyone - well, day 1 done and it was really good! Knowing I would be walking for only 5mins (I'll build up to 10mins in a few weeks) meant that I walked at a pace unheard of (for me!) for years! Speedy Gonzales would have had trouble catching me - or so it seemed! I walked round the green once at normal pace as a warm up and then sped up. I was quite shocked that I only made it twice round, at pace, in 5mins - I really expected it to be 3! Anyway, my resting pulse was 59 and at the end of the walk it was 110 - recovery time was only a few minutes, but I forgot to time it! From now on I'll concentrate on trying to build up the time, minute by minute, till I'm doing the recommended 10mins without slowing down. I'll do the pulse thing every few days. So far so good - anyone going to join me?

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That is great Kay. Keeping an eye on the pulse is good because it means you are getting those heart benefits. 😀. As we say to everyone one here build up slow and steady and take it at your own pace. Well done on such a positive start.

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Thanks Rfc - it's a couple of hours now and so far the back and knees seem to have held up (fingers crossed they stay that way)! Even for me this was very do-able and I'm actually looking forward to getting to 10 minutes - don't worry, I remember the mantra, "slow and steady" it is!

That's fantastic Kay. I'll give walking and watching my pulse a go this weekend. I bet I'll be surprised.

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Do you know, it's so long since I took my pulse I couldn't find it and had to resort to going for the jugular! Lol!

Been to the gym yesterday. Building up to an hour on the bike and weights after. On top level on the programme now for 55 minutes really feel the benefits. Do get very hungry afterwards but trying to always eat the healthy option. Gotta keep going lol. That butt fat has gotta go.

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Very well done, Dillwyn! Your achievements are so impressive! And it's great that you're feeling the benefits of all your hard work - makes everything worthwhile!

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Thanks kay50 had a blip after Xmas with the flu bug but believe I have lost 3lbs in the last couple of weeks. Got to try to sort my diet when I’m on shift at the children’s home because they all love making cup cakes and of course we have to try them! Lol . Using the BHF low fat low sugar recipies so here’s hoping I can loose a lot more.

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You're so focused Dillwyn, I'm sure you'll go from strength to strength now you're feeling better! Time you taught those kids how to make salads! Lol!

Well done Kay, it is so good to get out and feel you've accomplished something and what's more look forward to the next time! Slow and steady and then a bit quicker

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Thanks Mazzy00, I appreciate the support! I don't achieve the dizzy heights that many of our members do, but I try to do what my body can cope with. For me, that's something to celebrate! And the encouragement given by members like yourself is appreciated!

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