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Catch up

Hi there everyone

Hope you are all doing well. I am making great progress after my pulmonary embolism last month and my fitness has come back quite quickly as well as I can do hills and stairs no problems now whereas before I was taken I'll they had become a problem and I had thought it was me becoming unfit but no it wasn't!

So I decided after I came back from hospital I was going to take steps to help myself which included a change of diet cutting down on sweet things and fatty foods which hasn't been any problem and I have saved a fortune in cutting down on eating out as well and so far have lost a stone which is progress.

With exercise I asked if it was OK to start a walking programme as I was leaving the hospital and sister had said yes walking is great but if it hurts then stop so I started back only doing small walks at first working up and now I am doing massive hills and stairs without any problems which is progress.

Today I have done a nine mile walk and yesterday only walked to the pub and back for Sunday lunch which I enjoyed and on Saturday an eight mile walk including a massive hill to try out.

I will be walking to and from work the rest of the week and I have a desk job which I feel contributed to my condition as I was sat there all day every day so I decided I would go up and down the stairs to the toilets whenever I needed to use them and walking up the stairs to the office rather than taking the lift which I feel has helped.

Good luck everyone!

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Well done on your recovery it sounds like you are doing really well and making life very positive after a stressful time.


Wow very impressive, you must be feeling so much fitter and healthier, well done. 👍🏼


Oh my word Jo080448 you've been through the wars and come out victorious! Sounds like your recovery is going really well and the changes you've made to your lifestyle are all so positive! Well done!!


Way to go Jo080448


That is a fantastic effort. Taking the stairs at work is a great addition, I do it when I have only one or two floors to climb.


It's a case of small changes and swops adding up.


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