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It’s really hard when you’ve worked all your life and put family and caring before everything to suddenly sit back and realise you need to look after your own health and first off that means loosing weight. I’m 64 and nearly 18 stone put on over the years with four kids and working in a care home too. I’ve got to get to grips with counting calories and being careful now. I need to loose four stone at least.

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  • Welcome. It's so easy to get caught up in life and getting things done to forget to put yourself first. I can imagine it's even harder with kids - I know my own mom was that way. Then something changed in her and she set herself some goals and started a weight program and walking and soon enough managed to make it a habit. Before you know it you couldn't keep her from getting out that door no matter what you tried. It's great you've found our forum. We're here to support you whatever your goals are, we've got folks that are just starting out, to long distance walkers and everything in between.

  • Let us think positive together. I need to lose over 2 stone so my knees don't give up on me and to boost my energy levels.

    Bronnie (52)

  • Yes me likewise, I’ve also done a great deal of caring for family and friends . After mum died at 97 that was 5 years ago I suddenly found I had to restart MY life, several friends had moved to be near family’s , It was a bit of a shock to realise I didn’t know many people anymore plus a few health problems have come to the surface..

    I need a complete MOT ....

  • Good morning lilly657 - I do so feel for you! Life can sometimes throw you a real curved ball! My life totally changed 12 years ago and it took me 11 years to come to terms with it and, for the first time in my life, put myself first! So you are not alone! You'll find like minded people here from all different walks of life, but with the common purpose of getting fitter and healthier. Good luck with your journey - we'll be here to support and encourage you all the way.

  • Thank you Kay50 , Yes a lot of people also have worse issues to deal with as well. It’s lovely to have these daily “chats”with everyone It’s brightened up my life no end I have hearing difficulties so being able to write thing so much easier.....

  • Absolutely - I moved to a new town 7 months ago so don't know many people either, but by posting on this forum I feel that I have friends!

  • Welcome Dillwyn. Like kay50 said, for me too it was a wake-up call when my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I came across this forum, read the posts of people like anup, shootergeorge, gangadharan, champak 45 and others; and began following the LCHF diet, though not strictly. I'm in so much better health now, have lost 10 kgs, don't have knee pain from the arthritis and altogether feel good about myself. I've still not arrived, eh!

    AND, this forum I come to every morning without fail to say hello to my friends!

  • I’ve still got flu but just getting into the habit of watching what I eat more carefully and here’s looking forward to a lighter future.

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