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Hello from a newbie

this is the year! I've been increasing my steps over the past year and on a good day can hit 12k with no issues, but there aren't as many good days as I'd like! This year I'm setting myself the goal of 70,000 steps every week - hoping that by giving myself a bit of flexibility, I can compensate for less active days and average out at 10k/day.

The hurdle - I don't 'love' walking and too often I use the excuse of a busy day to jump in the car to get somewhere or flop on the sofa rather than relax in a more active way. I''m looking to hold myself accountable through this group, to walk even when my first urge is not to, and really fall in love with exercise at last. People tell me it really is possible ;-)

I will sometimes be running my steps as I'm starting C25K again, and zumba-img some too.

I started the Active 10 app last summer after a back op and found it really motivating, as I could only walk for short periods initially. Haven't used it for a while as I don't have my phone with me now back at work, but would definitely recommend it for anyone starting out.

Look forward to becoming part of this community and hearing about everyone's progress!

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Welcome Caro53! Gosh, you are one determined lady - very well done on your walking achievements! You are not alone in sometimes finding it hard to get out and walk/run, but you're doing so well! Your revised goal of 70 000 steps is a positive step and it sounds like it's right for you. I look forward to seeing your progress - post often! You'll get a lot of encouragement from the lovely members of this group!


I think that's a fantastic goal. The weekly flexibility is a great idea, as it still holds you accountable, but lets 'real life' happen as well. I am also a runner, and I find adding walking as an activity really goes well with the running, they compliment each other really nicely.

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