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The Badges - First of the three days of New badges

Welcome to Active 10 - Are you ready to walk?

The new badges are ready now, so as you go through your walking journey we will be here to award you your badges. There will be a pinned post every month for all the different categories of the walking groups.

Each section has their own set of badges so please make sure you have selected the correct pinned post for the badges you are asking for. Over the next three days one of your admins will put up a post with the new group and a description of how to earn the badges within that group.

While using the app Active 10 it will allocate you the badges as you earn them on your phone but if you would like the badge next to your name on here please feel free to request the relevant badge.

On Monday I will put up a post with a reminder of all the badges we have on offer and make that into a pinned post.

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