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Marathon March

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I completed my first ever marathon walk earlier on this month. I walked fromy Crystal Palace to Buckingham Palace via Mitcham, Wimbledon, Richmond Pitney and Chiswick London. It took me 10 hours and was 26.6 miles. I have just recovered as I stretche'd my achillis heel. I will walk again next Sunday and hope many more Sundays. ..not as far but regular enough to build up a healthy hobby. This forum is a good motivator for me..

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Very well done! You are scaling heights I can only dream of! What an achievement -

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Awe thank you.

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Well done to you and agree marathon walking is good. I have done a local marathon power walk twice and have completed the Moonwalk in London power walk 4 times now, I wanted to do it next year but I have problems with my knee at the moment and have a physio appointment in a couple of weeks where I will find out more about my injury - I got it from jogging in the wrong trainers!!

Keep up the good work and agree it feels amazing.

Wow, well done on that mega walk and in such a good time. I walk around a lot of those areas as a south london girl so I know there are a few hill involved in that walk as well. 🏆🥇

Thank you Richmond was beautiful and the views over the park from Putney. .priceless

Holy moly! That's fantastic. What an adventure!

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