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Morning all!

Only been out twice this week - but managed just more than 1500 steps both times! I really, really want to get to 2000 steps, but it's hard for me. I'm scared I can't get home if I walk too far, as my arthritic spine has a habit of just seizing up with little warning! But I've come up with a cunning plan - I've started walking the bus route! Off I go, bus pass in pocket, and try to walk to just one bus stop further each time. My aim this week is to get to 1700 steps - who knows, soon I might hit the dizzy heights of 2000 steps!

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Morning. Firstly well done on getting to 1,500 steps that is a great achievement, 50% up on the weeks before. The bus route is a great way to feel safer. I live in London and always have my Oyster card in my phone just for that reason. I have a phone case that takes a credit card in the front so if Ive got my phone I've got my bus pass. Remember to let your body feel used to the new increases before upping them as that will help your joints adjust. Good luck.


Thanks RFC!


Sounds like an excellent plan! I have breathing difficulties so share a similar fear of not being able to get back if I venture too far. I use my treadmill everyday and increase the speed and incline just a little each week or so. The other problem I have is being under weight and burning too many calories - it's a vicious circle. Good luck and long may you be able to keep your bus pass unused!

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