From a runner to a walker!

Hello to every one here,l had been running the C25k and it came to an abrupt halt after l was diagnosed with a dicky heart; not l hasten to add because of running.l walked down hill yesterday to the centre of town where l live,very- very slowly l had to stop,resting on park bench to recover.After buying a paper,from the nearest shop l began the walk back up to home: I stopped 4 times to recover my breath.l am still in shock with the way l am now,its such hammer blow( to use a metaphor!). Am still under going tests to find out," why this heart is not working properly?" I miss running but l continue to walk l enjoy being outside in the fresh air. I joined this forum to read everyone's journey with their walking experiences,best of luck to everyone.Stevy.

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  • Stevy, you are so brave! Many a person would have just curled up on the sofa and felt sorry for themselves! Lets hope this heart problem is only a little blip and you'll be back to the self you recognise soon. My son runs marathons and ultra-marathons - has done for 20 years, and he was diagnosed with a heart problem too - he was warned not to run at all, until he'd had treatment, as there was a good chance he would just drop like a tree!! He went to a day clinic where he had a procedure done, and lo and behold, 6months later he's back to running marathons again. So Stevy, don't despair - even the fittest get health problems, and they're not always serious! You'll get lots of support here! Stay positive!

  • Thankyou Kay,lovely post.Am not going to give in but at the moment everything l do is to much effort. I now have to concede to myself that l cannot move to fast at the moment.l tried earlier today to do ahalf mile walk,ended up on abench again exhausted. Oh! The joy for waiting for test results.Your son is an inspiration for me.Stevy.

  • Good luck Stevy - let's hope the results come in soon. And remember, sometimes 50yds is an achievement! Stay strong, Kay

  • Thankyou!

  • Be careful whilst being brave. So good to hear that you haven't given in but do take the advice seriously until you know some more information.

  • Thankyou,l will be very careful,Ceals.

    My wife is keeping me in check.Stevy.

  • Well done Mrs Stevy

  • l thought it would make you smile.

  • Welcome Stevy. I am also a runner, currently walking - in my case due to persistent concussion symptoms. It's an adjustment, but I've found the same principles apply. Getting out regularly, building up slowly and listening to your body are key. I hope you can get back out and run once they figure you out, until then enjoy life at a slower pace 😀

  • Thankyou RWD, Fatigue is the second problem l have apart,from the problem with my heart and aorta.l like to get out of our house if l can,depends on good days or bad days.To keep moving is a mantra to me.l shall keep in touch with your posts, its great to support each other,take it easy,Stevy.

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