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Still walking...but not running.


Hello, it's been a while since I posted on here. Up until a month or so ago I was a regular runner, not too far and definitely not very fast. However, I found that after each run my hip was twinging, and I was stiffening up for the rest of the day and into the next one. I have always been a "clicky" joint person, so I have reluctantly decided to stick to low impact exercise. I love walking, particularly off the beaten track, so I am working out how to incorporate more into my daily life.

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Hi Tortoisegirl, I have a bad knee from an injury years ago. I am building up my walking too. Having a dog helps, he loves going out and is such fun. I am walking between 3/5 miles a day and hoping to build to up too. I tend to stick to known routes. :)

No dog, but I do occasionally borrow one!

When I was not able to run for a while I turned to speed walking, to scratch that itch. I was told by my physio you get a lot out of walking because it has less impact on the joints. It took me a while to build up my speed and I had to work on my form a bit to increase the speed, speed walking is really down to the arm movement to help with the propulsion, but because you have been running you might find that will come a bit easier. The fastest pace walking i have ever managed is 9min per km. (hehe not much faster than my running pace) I Also like to do a bit of Nordic walking and as soon as I get the ok from my physio that will be the next progression after my kidney donor surgery.

When I was running I was overtaken by speed-walkers! At the moment I am focussing on incorporating more walking into my normal life. So, if I have to walk up to school for a meeting, going the long way around that involves a hill rather than dashing out of the door at the last minute. I might need to buy new shoes. What a shame!

I am glad to hear that the recovery is going well.

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