loving walking but foot arch pain started

i have always walked, but now i am increasing the step count and i am thoroughly enjoying it and craving walking. yesterday, i managed 8 miles but last night had awful pains in the arches on the soles of my feet. My trainers are quite new and i went to a running shop where they fit them for you. Anyone else had this problem ?

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  • We can't diagnose problems, if it continues I would have a word with your GP. New shoes can put your muscles in a different position sometimes. Did you tell them at the running shop you wanted to walk with your shoes or did you buy them for running. I can't use my running trainers for walking as I land slightly differently when I walk to when I run. I can run/walk in my runners but I wouldn't use them for an 8 mile hike.

  • Yes i thought after i posted that maybe it is the trainers. I bought them for running and i thought they would be ok as i have always just walked in trainers. I thinking maybe as i getting older that i need to take more notice of the apparatus! it wasn't a hike though just a walk to town and back on pavement. i use walking boots for rough ground. so what would you use for just walking urban?

  • no worries i checking go outdoors and it does list the shoes for urban walking! maybe more investment required!

  • I have had similar pain and Physio diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis. Stretching the tendons worked a treat and gone within a few days. Look up this condition on internet and you will find countless stretches. Good Luck!

  • Thanks daphnebroon, I will look at that. Maybe a trip to physio might be good too.

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