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Loose wait but walking

Been going gym and dining walking on treadmill for 25 mins then on cross trainer for 15 mins should I be doing more

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It is a personal thing. We are all at different levels. How are you feeling during and after your sessions? If the answer is no difference then You could probably either up the time or increase the hardness. I.e. Move the incline. I would recommend that you don't change the incline and the distance at the same time. If your just finishing your workouts and just about getting to the end of them by pushing yourself I would stay at that level for another couple of weeks. As your progress you will learn to feel yourself when You can do a bit more and when to stay. Sounds like your doing really well, well done.

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Was thinking Off adding rowing machine are exercise bike is that a good idea and which is best to loose Weight and to one up


How long have been doing 25 min treadmill and 15min cross trainer? They say you should change your routines every 6 weeks. So I would keep that in mind when shaking things up a bit. I would maybe think of adding an incline before another complete cardio exercise or ask you gym to give you some instruction on the weights (strength ) side of things.


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