Flank pain after exercise

Flank pain after exercise

I'm Jaks

I'm new here

I am a 47 year young woman

I walk an average of 10000 steps a day, have been doing 3 exercise classes a wk, Pilates, Zumba and sh'bam to loose weight and tone up. Recently I've had flank pain on my left side, after doing these exercises and it's very painful. Not sure if this is a pulled muscle or dehydration is it worth getting checked out.

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  • We have a mantra on all our exercise forums

    "If in doubt, check it out"

    Non of us are doctors and if it is causing you concern it is better to get an professional opinion on it.

  • Yes get it checked out just to put your mind at ease.

    Let us know what the doctors say please.

  • Hi, It sounds like you've tweaked something, which should be investigated if you're in such pain that can't be ignored (DOMS!!!). If your exercise classes are anything like the 1Life classes I used to attend (Body Balance and Body Pump) then they are very dynamic with relatively few "lower" options. If you are fit and used to the moves then you presumably have no problems, but the instructors don't tend to offer much help for beginners. I started doing Body Balance (combo of Yoga, Pilates with Tai Chi warm-up) at the start of last year, but had never done Yoga before and found some of the moves quite challenging even at the lower levels. By May 16 I had developed a pain in my left hip and went to see a physiotherapist for guidance. She assessed my range of movement, tested for where the pain was, prescribed appropriate exercises, and applied ultrasound (not all in the same appt!). Yes, I paid for my sessions (£49 for 1 hour) it meant I could be seen straightaway, but you may be able to be referred through your GP (not sure how long that would take or whether you would be offered it without being persistent). I was advised to lessen the intensity of my workouts, and since giving up both classes, in favour of gym workouts instead, have made a full recovery. I should mention that I'm 52 and in the healthy weight band for bmi. Sorry to ramble on...

  • Are you saying she might have injured herself and why mention DOMS, DOMS isnt an injury. ( Sorry if i have read it wrong.)

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