Long-term depression - possible Asperger's

I'm now 66 and have had dysthymia and recurrent depression since my late teens. I've had most antidepressants at some time, and am doing fairly well on venlafaxine, which I hope to reduce soon.

I've always had great difficulty in social relationships and have always been single and celibate. Unusually, I started self-harming mildly at 58, although it is now very infrequent. I know that it is a maladaptive way of coping with stress (much like excessive drinking etc.) and am trying to replace it with more helpful methods - ringing helplines, floral scents, pleasant things to touch and taste, and playing with my lovely rats.

I'm really pleased that I coped well last week when the judge pulled out of a rat show I help to organise, two days before the show. Fortunately a retired judge stepped in. I handled the journey well, without too much worsening of my arthritis and the next day running the IT went well. I'm a little apprehensive about a weekend away at an agricultural show - mainly because I have to camp overnight, and I'm not sure how well my back etc. will manage.

I'm finishing short-term counselling next week. Housework and money are my main areas of stress.

Getting too long ... more later!

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Sounds good - as for housework and money, I reckon a lot of us would agree with you there that they're areas of stress for all of us. I admit to smiling at friends whose definition of a serious problem is that they have to skip the skiing holiday this year... :-)


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