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I'm 27 and female. There's always been something in the back of my mind that I wasn't 'normal' last year my doctor diagnosed me with bipolar then redial nosed me with dysfunctional PersonalityDisorder.. I've never taken medication as I always fort I was strong enough to deal with anything n the world. But recently I have became worse.. I violently attacked my partner, I remember something I did and said but most are a blur, I've noticed myself not being able to control my actions. My relationship is really paying the price right now, I'm flipping at anything, the smallest things I'm kicking my partner out and once he's left am left wondering why I didn't stop myself.. Seems I don't have self control? Have attacked my partner since this and he's willing to help me get to where I need to be to get us back on track... I just need advice on what's the best steps to take

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  • Haven't attacked**

  • My son suffers Personality Disorder and it requires professional help. Maybe you could go back to your doctor to discuss these developments. There is something like a course of CBT but its more specific to your condition that may hekp, and give you some cooing mechanisms. I understand your reluctance to take meds, but it might be worth it if they help. For the sake of the relationship. As someone who has been on the receiving end, I would see it as accepting the help that is offered and a demonstration that you are committed to trying to improve the situation.

  • YOU NEED TO SEE A CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST AND GET HELP, before you do something that changes your whole life in a more negative way.

  • Seems a lot of things bother u? Do u express your feelings? And if u do, don't u feel relieved? When u get angry get a ball u can squeeze, sit in a different room untill u calmed down. Then try to write ur feelings or tell them to ur partner if u feel calmer. U have to realise ur not thinking straight when ur angry and don't want to do things that can't be undone

  • I throw things when im angry. It reliefs me. Even If Its just a spatel i cook with. I throw it a few times on the floor (partner leaves saying nothing which is smart)I 1$ and I got a new one and nothing else is destroyed. You need to avoid hurting ur partner

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