How to facilitate change?


I'm new to the forum and haven't used support like this before but I feel kind of stuck and I wasn't sure where to turn.

I've had difficulties with depression since I was about 14 (now 23) including a failed suicide attempt. I have times when it is not such an issue, but for the last 6 months I've been feeling really bad again. I've tried with my GP, but after now trying (unsuccessfully), practically every type of ant-depressant available, she has decided that it is just my personality. If anything this has made me feel worse, because I know there is something more going on. I now feel almost completely hopeless.

At the moment, I'm having real difficulty focussing at work and I feel really guilty about that. As a result, I'm not really enjoying work very much. I also have nothing going on in my spare time. I moved here to start my job and moved away from all my friends. I'm not looking forward to work and I'm not looking forward to my spare time. I know I need to change something and be more active, but this is what I find so hard. If it isn't the lack of motivation stopping me, then it's my anxiety.

I guess I just want to know if other people have been in a similar position and what they were able to do to turn things around. I'd really love to learn a musical instrument or a foreign language or something, but at the moment I can barely afford to eat each month.

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  • Hi,

    Just by reading your question I really think you need a different Dr, I am a bit older than you but have had a similar experience of tring all the drugs a GP can offer but luckily I have a brilliant Dr who referred me to the mental health team as the Drs within that team are Psychiatrists who can prescribe different drugs, even then I have had to change a few times to get the one's that suit me best and I do still have times of deep depression but atleast this way I get better support. I hope you are able to get the help you need and you could try to get info on the local mental health or ask your Dr about it.

    Sadly I don't really know but I do know it is not your personality.

  • Thank you for your comment. Do you know who I would need to ask for a referral to? Do you know if I would be able to self-refer, because I'm not convinced that my GP will refer me.

  • I am not entirely sure about self referal as I think each Mental health team run their own service, however I know mine can be self referal so I am guessing that others probably have that facility too. One good place to look is the NHS website for useful info and possible contact numbers. Other places that could be helpful is the Mind website or even the samaritans they may possibly be able to give you the most local contact numbers for where you are.

    I really hope that you are able to get the help you need, Mute

  • Thanks for those suggestions. Now I just need to gather up the confidence to call someone about it.

  • That sounds so much like me which is why I always look for the answers online first, hope you find that courage though.

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