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Can anyone recommend a good type of exercise for depression?

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Hi there - I'm new to the forum and would love to hear anyone's ideas.

I have absolutely no energy to do anything at the minute and I find that I'm getting weepy over nothing, so even putting on my trainers I start crying and then end up not leaving the house. I know that I need to exercise to feel better though. I do yoga at home when I remember to and that really helps. I'd like to do more cardio and maybe get out of the house. I'm often shy and uncomfortable when I meet new people and it can take me ages to get 'warmed up' in social situations, this feeling of discomfort is so much worse when my depression is bad and I feel really out of control, I spend the whole time with a lump in my throat or having terrible thoughts about myself.

I signed up to a trampoline fitness class because I thought it would be fun but i'm now panicking about it.

BASICALLY can anyone recommend an exercise type/class that has worked well for them? Really appreciate your help!

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First of all, well done for at least taking the action to sign up for the tramp class. . You made that decision so pat yourself on the back. You now need to follow that commitment through though. Give it one go.. Life really is too short but I've been whete you are and still am sometimes but then I think to myself that there's ppl fighting for just one more day through illness etc, and these would be savouring each day they get and I'm a little bit selfish if not doing the same. If you knew your last day was tomorrow, would you still be afraid? You're not alone btw and I enjoy light spinning and I make it a mission to strike up at least one convo with someone there and always shake the hand or fist bump the instructor at the end of the session. Good luck :)

Thanks for your encouragement Darren! I think you have a good outlook on life and I'll try to remember what you said when these thoughts crop up. Thank you!

Fabulous advice Darren1977 very encouraging for all of us

Welcome to our forum I hope you find talking to us helpful as I'm sure you will receive some great advice here

May i suggest swimming sixpence0407 I too am the same I have proper social anxiety but swimming your on your own there's people there doing the exact same as you and I find swimming relaxed me also get a skipping rope you can skip in your house garden etc.. well at least till you feel confident enough to go to a public place you will get there eventually honey it takes alot of time to get back on your feet fully after depression just push yourself that little bit more every other day but don't be hard on yourself I still get like that it's been 17 years for me living with depression and anxiety and now PTSD and every day is different either harder or a tiny bit easier but then when it's time to go bed just remind yourself "you survived another day" and you will continue to survive take care we would like to hear your progress

Love Nat xx

Thank you Nat for your lovely advice - I hadn't even thought of swimming! That does sound relaxing. The idea of reminding yourself you're surviving is so important, I always bully myself with idea of what I 'should' be doing instead of celebrating the little achievements - that's something I'll focus on this week. Thank you for your kind words.

Even doing a light workout means you've made a decision to try which most don't do and you're still lapping everyone on the sofa. So, when's this trampoline adventure then???

Wednesday! I'll let you know how it goes :)

Your very welcome my love and also get yourself a diary when you are at your worst write it all down how you are feeling physically and mentally and especially your good days and keep referring back to it every now and again you will be surprised what pattern you have take care and reward yourself on each achievement

Love Nat xx

Go for a walk and if your body can handle it jog. Dont run just jog and have a goal for how long you'll go. I've never felt more mentally clear then after a jog. I want to scream and cry the whole time but the feeling after is indescribable. U feel amazing after u can breathe again. Just try for 10-15 min. I reccomend kundalini yoga for your energy!!!! YouTube for free. Exercise gives u confidence and from there you'll definitely go to that trampoline class or lift weights at the gym!

Thanks so much for your reply! Yes kundalini is a great shout! Used to do it ages ago but somehow forgot all about it. Thank you for the encouragement!

i like to go hillwalking and I power walk my way through hills come rain sleet snow rain and sun.i always pick a spot no one else is near and either sit with my eyes closed or ive been known to scream out loud just to let things go.

sounds like absolute heaven! Thanks for sharing!

If you can't do anything but go into nature even sitting by a tree, you will find some healing. The sun, trees, earth and sky. These things are free and can relieve your heaviness of heart. Then I've found running to be the best thing. I am 63 and have done a running program for 42 years now. There is something about breathing deeply for at least twenty minutes that brings a calmness to the mind and body.

Squats cured my depression... i’ve been off anti-depressions for 7 years now. Don’t get me wrong... I still get down and a bit depressed sometimes but then I chase the dog away with a decent set of 5 x 5 squats. I didn’t figure it out by myself; I overheard a conversation about how squats helped a guy with his depression.

So I thought I may as well give it a go. I started light so that it wouldn’t feel like too much of an effort - because everything feels like an uphill battle when you’re depressed.

Since then I started with the “strong lifts 5x5” workout program (there’s even an iPhone app for it) and intermittent fasting. Not only do I feel better mentally - I also feel great physically (and lost 18kg). I think that we tend to forget that the mind and body is and work as a unit. You can’t focus on one and neglect the other. Oh and watch what you eat! Try to get lots of leafy greens and fresh (preferably organic) fruits and vegetables.

30yrs Years ago I did power walking or swimming which i can no longer do so now i do deep breathing and stretching exercises drawing or reading and writing to relax the mind.

I've found that Tai Chi helps as it is relaxing and nurtures spirituality too. I've often felt like floating afterwards. I've just started jive classes. Good distraction from my problems. Any distractions from depression and anxiety are more than welcome!

I found running helps - you can just go for a run whenever you feel like it, there's no sense of signing up for a class and any sense of trepidation, plus it's typically a solo activity so there's no fear of interaction or social anxiety. Plus, it's quite quick - a 30 minute run can be all the exercise you need for the day and you'll feel great afterwards.

RE: Your shyness-- my advice is to get over it. Some people are shy, some really outgoing.. some obnoxious... so, be yourself. Being shy is who you are so roll with it. Don't use your interaction with others limit your self-fulfillment and things you want to do.

RE: Having Terrible Thoughts-- I'd call this 'paralysis by analysis'. Sit around and over-analyze anything and you'll build up fear and resistance. If you can recognize when you're doing this, that's the first step. Second step is to overcome the nonsense that your brain is creating and get out and start moving.

RE: Recommendations for exercise: anything. get moving. again, recognize the habit of wanting to do something and then getting in your own way by over-thinking and thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn't.. then, put on your shoes and take your bike out for a ride or go for a run. Maybe workout early in the morning when less folks are out and about (this is what I do and practically have the gym to myself). The blood pumping to your muscles and your brain does wonders for you and sends lots of oxygen to your brain, etc.

Again- accept yourself, get out of the habit of criticizing yourself. pay attention to what you want and not what others want ((or what you think they want and really have no idea what they want)) and just do it-- like Nike used to say.

Seriously- I've been right where you are. I am happier now than I have been my entire life. You'll possibly realize (like I did) that everything that you imagine can do you harm never does because it's all in your head.

I sometimes take my border collie dog out for along walk helps a bit but memories comeback and I am depressed again not wanting to go out the next day I have bad guts and back pain had a head injury 1996 year went through a bad time of it nearly had stroke 2000 year fell down a flight of steel steps to carpark slipped on puddle of water steps have been removed since got no compensation for these accidents luck to be alive me but I don't feel like doing anything anymore my back pain and bad guts and lack of sleep don't help can't go for a drink socialising to meet new friends ill can't smoke in place and now you get shit from strangers whenyour outside my life's over now for me

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